Marcellus Jones on the '03 Jayhawks

For the first time in five years, Marcellus Jones isn't running sprints to get in shape for the upcoming season.

The former Jayhawk wide receiver who saved his best year for his last year at Kansas, is still living in Lawrence and now working at Enterprise as he attempts a career in marketing and strategic communications.

I had a chance to communicate with Marcellus today about his old football buddies who are still suiting up for Kansas and his thoughts on Coach Mangino as he enters his second season.

Marcellus said he was excited about the 2003 wide receiving corps. He told me he expects big things out of his buddy Derick Mills (5-7, 165, Sr.), sophomore Mark Simmons (5-11, 175) and tall junior target Brandon Rideau (6-4, 190).

He also said to keep your eyes on both Heaggans brothers - Gary (6-2, 200) and Greg (6-0, 185).

To describe the unit as a whole he said, "So much athleticism, so much talent and what I hear is that their confidence is just growing bigger and bigger every day."

As for Mangino, Jones said he bought into Coach's plan during his senior year at Kansas, but now understands and believes in the new direction of KU football even more.

"To be honest with you, it was tough because I knew in part, but not in full what he was trying to do. Now I see the bigger picture even more because of what they brought in and the opportunity that lies ahead this season. Him and his staff are outstanding. I have a lot of confidence in him."

"It was kind of rough with him coming in to this situation where it was like 'here's what you have to work with'. Just seeing how he turned things around in less than two years. I know we were 2-10 last year, but it was much more than just the record. It was the attitude, and all the other things that he's changed. It more than just the new blue, it goes way beyond that and I think he'll be around here for a while and there will be a lot of successs."

Clearly, Marcellus is as optimistic as ever. "I believe this season is really going to catapult them."

Let's hope Jones' football forecasting is as good as his hands were last year. Top Stories