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Malik Hairston has already made plenty of good first impressions in his young career. The 6-5 combo guard out of Detroit, Michigan made another one this week in his first ever radio interview. Hairston appeared on ESPN Radio 1320 KLWN in Lawrence and here are a few highlights from the conversation:

Selected audio from this week's interview with Malik Hairston on KLWN Radio.

  • Clip 1 - Hairston describes his style of play (1 Mb, .mp4)
  • Clip 2 - Hairston answers the question, "Do you see yourself as a 4-year player?" (1 Mb, .mp4)
  • Clip 3 - Hairston on Kansas Basketball (1 Mb, .mp4)
  • Clip 4 - Hairston answers the question, "What is the biggest factor in your decision, the coach, the university, the system or something else?" Click to listen. (1 Mb, .mp4)

    Hairston also indicated that his decision may take longer than most expect.  He told Lawrence listeners that waiting until the spring might be his best option so that he can take all of his visits and explore every option as he makes one of the biggest decisions of his life.



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