Hairston working to set KU visit date

Malik Hairston loves sprinting up the court, leading a fast break and finishing in style. Don't expect the 6-5 Detroit talent to race to a college decision anytime soon though.

"Honestly, I don't believe I'm going to make my decision until after the season because I want to take all five visits and I don't see it happening before my season. So, I really think it'll last a little longer than most people would expect."

Visits are already in place for UCLA and Ohio State, but Hairston says a date with Kansas should be in the works.

"I have talked to Kansas, but they were trying to get the same date as Ohio state, but Ohio state asked for the date first so I committed to it with Ohio State. But Kansas, whenever they give me another date I'll verify it with my father and we'll hook it up."

Hairston is excited to take a deeper look into Kansas hoops, but he's no stranger to the success the program and its new coach have enjoyed.

"It's a great program, a great tradition, and Coach Self was great at Illinois so I figure he's a winning coach and they'll do very well."

He also likes assistant coach Norm Roberts.

"Coach Roberts is very intense and seems excited about me. Kansas is a great school and one of the schools I'll look at seriously."

Kansas, UCLA and Ohio State are just three of many schools that have interest in this rising star. Hairston enjoyed all the growing attention at first, but he knows he'll soon have to start telling schools that despite they're great interest, he's no longer interested in them.

"To begin with it was exciting, but now I begin to feel a little pressure because this is a very big decision that I have to make. So, it's kind of slowing down, but it was exciting to begin with."

Even though Hairston is in no rush to pull the trigger on selecting a school, he'll still be zooming up and down courts all over Michigan this fall as fast as ever. Hairston has more than just court speed though, and feels his a very versatile player.

"I love transition basketball. I play the one, two and the three so I call myself a combo guard. I like to rebound and push it up myself and lead the fast break. I'm a shooter and I can also get to the basket."

As for an NBA comparison, Hairston has two.

"Many have compared me to two NBA players. Steve Smith -- a more explosive Steve Smith and Jalen Rose in his younger days."

Those aren't bad players to emmulate, but if Hairston continues to blossom like many think he will, he'll be the one that tomorrow's high school stars set their sights on. Top Stories