Q&A with No. 2 overall 2018 prospect Zion Williamson

The No. 2 prospect in the 2018 class, Spartanburg Day PF Zion Williamson wowed the Chick-fil-A Classic overflow crowd with a record setting 53-point performance, hitting all 24 of his 2-point attempts.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The No. 2 overall player in the 2018 class, Spartanburg Day (S.C.) PF Zion Williamson, chatted with the media about the game and his recruitment after dropping 53 points on the first night of Chick-fil-A Classic.

On the attention from the fans after the game

Williamson: “I’m enjoying the process. I’m enjoying it.”

 On what he had working well

Williamson: “Attacking the basket was working for me throughout the entire game.”

 On if he fed off the energy from the packed crowd

Williamson: “I love that energy.”

 On UNC coach Roy Williams being front row

Williamson: “I don’t really pay any attention to the sideline. I’m just going out there to kill anyway.”

 On if it gets him more fired up to face a team that was once highly ranked nationally

Williamson: “It does, but we were looking to go out there and get the win.”

 On squaring off against UNC commit Jalek Felton

Williamson: “We have a good relationship. He also pitches in about coming to North Carolina.”

 On if he tried to make a point the few times Felton tried to guard him

Williamson: “No. I’m just going out there to try to make the smartest play. I don’t need to feed into the energy like that.”

 On how things have changed for him in the last year and a half

Williamson: “A lot. A lot has changed. More college coaches call my phone. More people follow me on social media. More people pay attention to my life. I enjoy it.”

 On if it comes as easy for him as it looks to the casual observer

Williamson: “I’m not sure. I just work hard. I guess it does.”

 On recruiting and who is reaching out to him

Williamson: “Everybody reaches out the same. The in-state schools are coming at me the hardest, Clemson and South Carolina.”

 On his relationship with South Carolina coach Frank Martin

Williamson: “I have a really good relationship with them. We talk on a daily basis.”

On if he hears from Kansas often

Williamson: “Yes. Coach (Kurtis) Townsend. They tell me that I’m an all-around player, and that they look to keep me on campus one year then send off to the pros.”


Williamson: “Same thing. Same message.” Top Stories