Chip in for Charity

So, your neighbor has pink flamingos? Hmmmmph. Put the Jones family to shame, and just tell your spouse it's for a good cause.

The United Way of Douglas County, as a beneficiary of the Jayhawks on Parade, is offering you the opportunity to submit the winning bid for the spectacular "Chip Off the Old Hawk”, designed by Kansas Alumnis Susie Lawler and Pat Woelk.


  • September 1 – September 10
  • Proceeds received from this special event will benefit the 2003-2004 United Way of Douglas County Campaign.
  • Winner will be formally announced at the United Way Campaign Kick-Off September 17. Special recognition will also be given to the winner in a series of Campaign advertisements.

The Jayhawks on Parade are a series of fiberglass Jayhawks that have been decorated by area artists. This stunning example features mosaic tiles, beads, buttons, etc. to create a whimsical display of all things dear to Kansas and KU. “Chip Off the Old Hawk” measures 5’h x 4’w x 5’d, mounted on a substantial concrete base. Total weight is approx. 900 lbs. “Chip Off the Old Hawk” must remain on display until the end of Jayhawks on Parade, October 31st, 2003.

For more info on "Jayhawks on Parade", click here.

To place your bid on Chip, click here.

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