Signing Day Recap - Wide Receivers

Taking another look at National Signing Day 2017, position by position, continuing with wide receivers.

Kansas wideouts added on signing day will certainly get an opportunity to contribute, though the Jayhawks do return some pass-catching experience in 2017.

Sure starters Steven Sims and LaQuvionte Gonzalez were the two leading receivers in 2016, with Sims finishing with 72 receptions for 859 yards and seven scores, with Gonzalez added 62 catches for 729 yards and three touchdowns.

Kansas coach David Beaty does need to replace the production of departing senior Shakiem Babel, who caught 34 passes for 323 yards in 11 games played. He was a six-game starter last season.

But Kansas coach David Beaty tends to go three-deep at wide receiver on the document normally referred to as a two-deep depth chart. Eight Jayhawk receivers played in 10 games or more in 2016.

Quan Hampton - WR - 5-8, 170 / Texarkana, Texas - Texas High School 

Beaty on Hampton: "Quan comes to us out of Texarkana High School. Barry Norton is his coach, good friend of mine for a long, long time. One of the most explosive guys we've seen down there. We found out about Quan from all of the opposing coaches around the area. That's how you know you found a dude is when everywhere you go, guys tell you, have you seen that Quan Hampton kid at Texarkana? And I'm talking about every place we go. Sulfur Springs, Longview, every one of those places we go to, they're saying, man, what is going on? Just watch the quickness and suddenness of this guy off the ball. Nice quickness.

"Coach Meacham is extremely excited. They got the Turpin at TCU. We think this guy reminds us of him, but we think this guy has more weight on him than that kid does. And he can flat run. His dad goes by Toto. He's definitely a legend in our city now. Man, love his family. They are great, Coach Norton, and I know those guys are going to be tough, man."

Kerr Johnson Jr. - WR - 5-11, 180 / Sebastopol, California - Analy High School

Beaty on Johnson: "Another guy that's new to us, a kid named Kerr Johnson out of California, a guy that we kind of got on a little bit late, kind of hit him a little bit, but, man, I'm glad this guy's here. Very quick, explosive, great catch radius. Has already picked up our entire offense, can play any of the spots already. Finishes runs in the end zone.

"Kerr's a lot bigger than I thought he was. That's what you hope, when you get to see him that he's going to be bigger than he looks on tape. The things I like about him is this type of stuff right here. Most guys get tackled right there and he pulls away. And he does it time after time. There are several plays on his tape that you see a guy that he does a great job after the catch. When we find guys like that, we want to put them on our team because there are a lot of guys that can get tackled, there's not many that can catch it and go do something with it after they do. That ol' boy right there had a tough day against him. I like this kid. He won't say boo. He doesn't talk. I'm pretty sure he's mute. But he can play, and I like this ol' boy. He's a tough dude. So looking forward to that in him."

Hunter Kaufman - WR - 5-11, 170 / Pratt, Kansas - Pratt High School

Beaty on Kaufman: "All right, next kid. This kid is out of Pratt, Pratt High School. Another Kansas boy. Very talented guy, Hunter Kaufman. When you turned on this tape, I'm not sure I was prepared for what I was going to see, the production I saw. I want to say the first 20 plays he was house calling it. He does a terrific job using his vision and being able to get his speed going very quickly. He gets that speed up high and fast, and he's hard to catch. We think he's got good speed. We think he's got really good ball skills. He's a little sneaky, bigger than what you think he is. And his lateral ability to move is something that I'm really impressed with. Making that cut right there is not very easy. For him to get his shoulders back square, get vertical and find the end zone is something that we really like. We think we can put the weight on this kid, but he's got some knack to him now. He's a good route runner. We're really excited about Hunter joining our class."

Takulve Williams - WR - 6-0, 185 / New Orleans, Louisiana - St. Augustine HS

Beaty on Williams: " This player right here is one of the finer ones in that entire area that's full of great football players. A very, very explosive guy. A guy that's a play maker. Often really said by most of the coaches down there that this might have been the best receiver in that area this year, which is high praise with as many high-ranked guys as there are down there.

"This kid does a lot of things on special teams for you that makes you excited. He can take it. He's got that top-end gear, he can take it to the house. He does things for you in special teams that you don't see a lot of guys do that you get excited about. His acceleration is terrific. Very good sized guy, very good sized guy. Coach Jones is a coach there. He's a stud. These guys do a heck of a lot with not a lot. These guys are amazing to go talk to because they don't require a lot. They just want to work. This guy does a great job of making play after play after play.

"Like I said, everywhere we go down there, everybody's talking about Takulve. We call him TK. This dude made so many plays this year in one of the most difficult leagues in the country. I'm not talking about in that city, but in the country. There are some ballers out there. All right? So that's kind of the guys that we basically added to our program today, and we're excited about all those guys." Top Stories