Fan Voices: A.J. Price

A.J. Price may not have expected a crowd of 100+ for a simple pick-up game. However, the visiting recruit ran into just that over the weekend. Fans like what they saw and were not shy about sharing their observations.

Standard disclaimer: These are the impressions and comments from KU students and fans based on attendance at one pick up game. These are not recruiting analysts and the opinions expressed here should not be taken as gospel. In other words - just relax a little.

On A.J. Price:

"The kid is as smooth a player as I've seen. He can run, dish, and drop the 3. In short, he's a complete guard."
- FearRaef

"He definitely has the skills to merit his high ranking. The first shot of the game he received a pass, squared up and nailed a three. He has a great-looking shot with a quick release, good handle and isn't afraid to take it inside from time to time. He scored on a few drives."
- Aural Tooth

"Price is a little taller than Miles and slender, he looked tentative but loosed up later on. Price, Miles, and Collison spent a long time talking away from everyone."
- NickJayhawk

"This was my first up close look at him. He has a nice three point stroke and isn't shy about showing it. On the first play of the first pick up game, he brought the ball up court and pulled up from the top of the key and drained a three. He also has plenty of handles to hold his own at the point. On more than one occasion he shook his defender pretty well. He was a little off on many of his mid-range shots today. He also played some pretty nice defense. On one play he harassed Case from the top of the key all the way back to almost mid-court. In short, I would love to bring this guy in."

"I want AJ Price to commit, period. He's got a year to go, muscle to gain, and it sounds like he held his own. If he's knocking down threes in KU pick-up games as a high school senior, that's pretty impressive."
- Honk4tad

Alexander Kaun was also visiting this weekend, but was unable to play in pick up games due to injury. Top Stories