Recruiting Recap

A look at the week past for the casual non-obsessed fan.

It was a big weekend for KU fans. Not only did Kansas come up with an oh-yeah take-that rejuvenating victory over UNLV, but a couple of recruits were also on campus.

No big deal, really. It was only "Sasha" Kaun and that New York point guard Price. Just two top 25 recruits and possibly only the most important weekend of Bill Self's tenure to date.

Alexander Kaun profile A.J. Price profile

Self has several more crucial officials lined up over the next 4-5 weeks.

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"I am impressed with coach (Bill) Self. He is a big-guy coach. He does a lot of things with big men like the high-low (passing). Their big men touch the ball all the time. They are always involved."

Recruit impressed on visit to Kansas

A.J. Price didn't look like he was suffering jet lag during a pick-up game Saturday at KU's Horejsi Center. Price, a 6-foot-1 point/shooting guard from Amityville, N.Y., caught a Saturday-morning flight from New York for his official recruiting trip to KU. He ran the court well and hit a batch of jumpers, including at least three three-pointers, to the delight of about 100 onlookers.

Recruit Price stands out during pick-up game Top Stories