Weekly Presser: Player Quotes

Quotes from Joe Vaughn, Tony Coker, Reggie Curry, and Dan Coke.

Joe Vaughn:

"I feel better about the situation and feel good about this team. I am just glad I got the butterflies out."

"When I am out there at practice I make the best of it. You have to practice to get better."

Tony Coker:

"We are definitely an ensemble -- a group. Without one it wouldn't work."

"(Communication) is what an offensive line needs. That is why the numbers are looking better. You have to tell each other what you're doing and what we should be doing. You need to tell the guy next to you what he needs to change. The communication is there."

Reggie Curry:

"Everybody is real focused. We have a lot of speedy defensive lineman that get off the ball. We work a lot on pass rushing."

"All the new guys that were brought in are really talented and I know that we are going to start getting after some quarterbacks."

Dan Coke:

"We are excited. We want to get a win streak going here. Wyoming is definitely going to come out and play hard. We look forward to the challenge and will look to get a big win on the road."

"Looking at it from a defensive standpoint, they have a pretty solid passing attack. They have some talented receivers and we will look to be physical with those receivers and make some plays in the secondary."

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