Hairston talks about visit

Score one for the Buckeyes in round one of the Malik Hairston sweepstakes. While the 6-5 swingman from Detroit still won't list a leader, Ohio State definitely made a good impression last weekend.

"Ohio State was great. It was a really fun visit, a good experience. I really enjoyed myself."

Hairston felt comfortable with the coaching staff and said the visit really solidified OSU's position as one of his top schools.

"They're coaching staff was easy to talk to. I still don't have a favorite, but I know Ohio State will be there when I get set to make my decision."

Next up for Hairston is a weekend out west visiting UCLA. Hairston will leave this Thursday night with an open mind and plenty of excitement to visit Los Angeles for the first time.

"I don't know what to expect from the UCLA visit. I've never been to LA, I'm looking forward to it."

While Hairston doesn't have any specific expectations for the visit, he does have a checklist of things to look for including how the coaching staff interacts with its players.

"I want to see how current players interact with the coach and not just during the season, but at all parts of year. I also want to see how I interact with the players."

Hairston also recognizes that he's about to make the biggest move of his life. He wants to leave each visit feeling comfortable about his chances of fitting in and feeling secure at each school.

"I want to be comfortable around the staff and be able to know that they'll take care of me if I go there. This is my first time without my family, so I need to know they'll take care of me."

After visiting UCLA this weekend, Hairston's next stop will be in Lawrence on September the 20th.

"I love Kansas too. It's going to be very interesting." Top Stories