Chat Transcript: Telep and Bossi

Fast, furious and full of info. Our first Sunday evening chat with two of the most renowned basketball recruiting analysts on the 'net - Dave Telep and Eric Bossi. Transcript inside...

Dave Telep has entered Allen Fieldhouse

Tom says Hi, Dave

Bull says right on time

SHARKY says like moths to a flame

krazyeyes says Hey, Dave

satanraptor says theres the man of the hour

Dave Telep says Hello, I think i was in the wrong room

Tom says haha

Dave Telep says Glad to be here. Fire away.

Tom says Eric Bossi will probably be joining us, but we can get started at any time

SHARKY says battle of futility on espn..can hoops come soon enough

lcalawhawks says is quentin thomas the real deal or is greg hicks too high on him?

Dave Telep says nothing was worse than the TB/Carolina game today

red41 says Kauns numbers were not all that impressive why should we believe that he is going to be a great college player?

lcalawhawks says that was to dave

satanraptor says I hear Shawn Pruit is close to verballing to mich. st. , how or does that effect Kauns decision?

Eric Bossi has entered Allen Fieldhouse

enfuego says Eboss is in the house

Dave Telep says About Thomas: Great question. You know, I'm not sure. I've seen him a lot in high school and haven't seen quite the level others project him at. However, I trust their evaluations and he's a talented young man with athletic ability

Dave Telep says Shaun Pruitt is deciding this evening. Just got off the phone with him and am awaiting his return call

enfuego says Where do we sit with AJ Price?

Eric Bossi says Good evening everybody

Dave Telep says About Kaun: Belive he's going to be good for a simple reason: he's getting better. Too many guys peak before college. He's a guy who will enter college on the upswing and that's very important

red41 says thanks

lcalawhawks says will pruit's pending decision effect kaun?

forthawk1 says I kaun as athletic as collison or more similar to lafrentz

chiguy says Dave: Eric is very high on Giles and Horford. How do you rate them relative to Kaun? Strengths, weaknesses, etc.

Dave Telep says Pruitt's decision could impact Kaun but you can bet Michigan State would like to get two posts like KU is trying

Dave Telep says I think Kaun is the best of the three. Personally, Giles and Horford are toss ups for me. However, long term I'm not sure I could pass on Horford.

Eric Bossi says Remember Raef was fairly athletic as well, I'd say Kaun moves just as well as either of them. Maybe a little mechanical, but a lot of that will change as he is taught better footwork

satanraptor says isn't Horford leaning to Michigan right now?

Dave Telep says Horford is just getting better. I loved his passion at the Vegas event and how he fought. He's the better shot blocker and rebounder in comparison to Giles, but CJ has more offense right now

chiguy says thanks

Dave Telep says Horford hasn't taken the ACT yet and has not taken any visits to date

Eric Bossi says Don't forget, MSU also has Marquise Gray, so that is potentially three high quality low post guys if Pruitt commits and Kaun is still interested.

Dave Telep says Marquise Gray must qualify academically and from what I gather, that's up in the air

enfuego says MSU also has Paul Davis Eman

forthawk1 says would any of the 3 bigs play a large role as frosh for ku

Eric Bossi says I don't know that Davis is going to be around that much longer

Dave Telep says If you play the "they've got so and so game" remember, other schools can say that about your roster. Everyone at this level has players.

DarinB says I'm shocked Paul Davis did not come out last year

red41 says What did AJ have to say after his visit or has said anything

Dave Telep says Shocked? He was injured a good part of the year and didn't come on until the final two months

Eric Bossi says Kaun probably helps out a little sooner on the offensive end. I'd look at jackson as more of an energy guy and a rebounder to start with

chiguy says Dave: Which prominent '05 playrs have been mentioning Kansas? Who do you think KU will have a real good shot at?

Dave Telep says AJ is tough to reach. He was at Cuse today and I talked to a player who talked with him and they didn't chat about it so I don't know how it went.

red41 says thanks

Dave Telep says Kansas will visit with Kaun on Monday in Florida. They'll also visit with Hairston on Tuesday and also with Horford that day.

Tom says Guys, got a couple of questions via e-mai for you...

Tom says If you were held at gun point and forced to speculate on who you think the next KU recruit would be, what would you say?

Eric Bossi says let em rip

Dave Telep says Kaun is the best inside offensive player KU is recruiting this year.

satanraptor says Great question Tom!

Eric Bossi says Figures, somebody looking for a prediction. I'll go with Kaun.

forthawk1 says Is KU going to wait onKaun and Price and possibly lose other recruits.

Eric Bossi says And I don't do predictions, but I like what I am hearing in terms of KU's chances with him.

Dave Telep says I'll go with Kaun as the next commitment, but remember he just visited MICH ST and Duke remains. I think KU has a great shot at him but things can change.

Tom says Thanks, guys

DarinB says Who is better, Hansbrough, McRoberts, or Julian Wright?

Dave Telep says KU won't have to wait but two weeks with Kaun. Price is dragging and I think they would take Robinson if he wanted to commit

Eric Bossi says Hansbrough....not even close in my mind.

enfuego says McRoberts is going to Duke, no?

Dave Telep says I am a huge Tyler Hansbrough fan but McRoberts has great long term potential too

Dave Telep says I'd go to war with Hansbrough right now

topsyturvy6234 says how long doy ou think that it will take price to commit anywhere?

chiguy says Does Kansas have a shot with any of those three?

topsyturvy6234 says go to war with him?

85hawk says good are our chances for Hanbrough versus say MU?

Eric Bossi says I just like how hard Tyler gets after it and I have been watching him for quite a bit longer than McRoberts. Wright plays a completely different style.

Dave Telep says Price doesn't do anything until atleast early October IMO

SHARKY says could price almost be forced into a commit to kansas if wright and robinson go to uconn or are syracuse and st.johns real players?

lcalawhawks says what are our chances w/ thomas if it becomes a ku v. arizona st. battle?

Skeeter Henry says DE or EB, talking guards -- specifically the KU v. UConn sweepstakes, what is going to be the first domino to fall?

Eric Bossi says Mu has to be considered the leader in my mind on Hansbrough, but a lot depends on what happens with probation or no probation.

Eric Bossi says I believe Tyler may have been in Columbia over the weekend.

Dave Telep says Kansas has a shotwith each of them though it remains to be seen how hard they chase each. Right now, they are chasing Hansbrough hardest

Tom says Great info

enfuego says How about Criswell?

Dave Telep says Hansbrough's father is an MU grad. They will be a player in the game but they'll have to recruit against some big boys

85hawk says Boss/Telep...opinions on MU guilt or lack thereof?

Eric Bossi says I like KU's chances a lot in a KU vs. ASU battle for Thomas.

Tom says Another e-mail question...

lcalawhawks says what happened to usc w/ thomas - people thought it was almost a lock last spring?

Tom says What Big 12 team is "up and coming" as far as recruiting classes go?

enfuego says Texas

Silverlove says good question

forthawk1 says Should we take thomas if price procrastinates??

satanraptor says baylor?

Eric Bossi says I just spent quite a bit of time watching Leo yesterdday. He looked fantastic. he still has to learn to play hard all of the time and be taught how to play in the low blocks, but he is very skilled and is a great ballhandler/passer/athlete for a 6-9 kid.

DarinB says Has Self been calling/recruiting Brandon Rush?

Bull says Is Thomas going to wait for the Price/KU decision?

topsyturvy6234 says i hope not

Eric Bossi says Not at this point on Rush.

topsyturvy6234 says good

Dave Telep says Big 12 Up and Comer? Tough question because the best teams in the league really get after it in the recruiting game. Right now, this league is recruiting with the best of them year in and year out

senseibt52 says Boss/Telep ... how does Kaun's skills compare with someone like Grimes

Eric Bossi says At least that I know of. Actually, I believe Dave saw Rush yesterday.

Dave Telep says Rush gave me alist this weekend that did not have Kansas on it ...

Tom says Thanks, Dave

Eric Bossi says Grimes is a brute, Kaun has scoring moves.

85hawk says Boss -- any opinions on MU guilt Re: the Violations

enfuego says 85, who cares?

senseibt52 says thanks

Eric Bossi says Rush's list probably read indiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisville, Oklahoma?

Dave Telep says Kaun is a low post stud. He's built, he's tough and loves to play. He's a low post guy. He just gets results and in the high low fits the profile of a Self recruit

85hawk says Enfuego....I do

chiguy says EBoss: Any word on what positions KU will prioritize in recruiting next year?

Eric Bossi says No comment on MU.

Dave Telep says plus Southern Cal, Eric

senseibt52 says Does Kaun have Collison-type potential

85hawk says Boss....thanks

lcalawhawks says dave any comment on mu?

DarinB says Is Tasmin Mitchell a lock for LSU, or will KU go after him?

Dave Telep says GUARDS, Guards, and a big.

Eric Bossi says Oh yeah, forgot about them. The real players for Rush right now are Arkansas, Missou and Louisville.

Dave Telep says Collinson enters college as the more well rounded offensive player ...

chiguy says Which guards should KU fans keep their eyes on then next year and what are our chances with them?

Eric Bossi says Kaun is bigger and more ready physically though

Dave Telep says Mitchell: His AAU coach was the first black player to ever play at LSU. His godfather is an LSU assistant. I'll go with the Bengal Tigers in the end

jayhawks34243 says guys..gut we get kaun and/or price?

Eric Bossi says KU Has made up a lot of ground with Price, but he really looks like a tough get to me.

Dave Telep says I think Price's situation could go a number of different ways but I think it's a major coup if he leaves the East Coast in the end ... we'll see

jayhawks34243 says thanks bossi

enfuego says Knowing Self's recruits, who do we get with the last two schollies?

Eric Bossi says I think UConn would really like to get A.J. and Russell (to the extent that some feel they have held off a commitment from Josh Wright).

lcalawhawks says no one's mentioned hairston yet - any chance he d/n end up at osu or ucla?

jayhawks34243 says thanks dave

DarinB says Dave, I know you saw Kaun at Kingwood. Did you see him later in the summer, too? I realize Kaun was hurt some.

Giffhawk says DoWould you say the reason MU has locked up their class is because of minutes being available since they have the NCAA looking at them?

krazyeyes says Dave or Eric, are you hearing anything about UCONN? More specifically, what player(s) are their priority? Are they recruiting Price just as hard as it seems we are?

topsyturvy6234 says hairston? anytihng new?

forthawk1 says should we assume that next year we will be in better position to recruit, with Self on the job for a year.

Dave Telep says I think KU could take two bigs but I am betting they'd love to get one of their primary guard targets

Eric Bossi says I think Price and Robinson are the backcourt priorites at UConn

abm11 says Dave, did I hear you say that KU will visit again with Kaun?

Dave Telep says UConn loves Rudy Gay and Price and Robinson

chiguy says yes, he said that

Dave Telep says KU visits Sasha on Monday

Eric Bossi says Yes, being on the job another year will really help Self. He'll be going after guys that he had been targeting for quite some time, versus trying to switch gears in April/may

SHARKY says why is josh wright holding off his commit to uconn? Coaches waiting on Price and Robinson?

chiguy says I really wish we'd sign a good pg this year

red41 says What did the AJ and Kaun think about the turn out at the pick up game?

Eric Bossi says Just something I heard on Wright..........coaches can play it slow with him while they wait to see what will happen with his legal troubles.

SHARKY says gotcha

Dave Telep says Josh Wright got himself into some legal trouble and that has slowed his recruitment. Combine that with UConn's affection for Price and there's your answer

SHARKY says gracias

lcalawhawks says hairston - a possibility?

Dave Telep says No idea what they thought about pickup turnout

enfuego says So basically, it sounds as if the guru's feel our best shot to fill this class will be Quentin Thomas and Kaun?

Dave Telep says Hairston is going to be tough. Look at UCLA and OSU. They both have Detroit assistants. That's important in this one.

chiguy says If our shot at Price is good but not great, why were the coachs so willing to back off of Lowry? And is Q Thomas better than Lowry?

Eric Bossi says I see KU looking to add Giles if they miss on Price,Hairston, Robinson

jayhawks34243 says dave and bossi...are you guys impressed with Self's ability to get involved with the likes of Hairston, Price and Kaun so late in the game?

Dave Telep says Lowry wasn't the right fit.

Bull says a class of jackson/kaun / and giles?

chiguy says meaning what?

SHARKY says jeez giles, jackson, and kaun with padgett

Eric Bossi says Go watch Lowry play, then decide if you want him on your team. I love his game, but he would have to really tone it down to play for me.

Dave Telep says Absolutely impressed. Think about this. They are still out west but branching out into NY and the midwest even more now.

chiguy says i would if i could Eric...they don't come play in Southern Illinois :D

jayhawks34243 says thanks Dave...that's what I thought...could mean a lot about Self's ability to recruit

Dave Telep says They didnt' get involved with Kaun late. They got in right at the same time everyone else did

abm11 says what role would Robinson play at KU?

Tom says Another question for Eric and Dave via e-mail...

Dave Telep says Having great assistants helps too :)

senseibt52 says Can Giles contribute as a frosh if KU gets him

Eric Bossi says Wing guard is my guess. I don't see him playing the one.

Tom says can you both share how you think Padgett will contribute at KU over his first two years?

Eric Bossi says On Robinson that is.

Dave Telep says Robinson would play a combo role as they get him comfortable running the point. The guy's best asset is that he's a big time winner. You'd like him if you saw him. Big heart and guts

Eric Bossi says I've seen some worry with KU fans regarding Padgett and I don't see any justification for it. Once Self gets his hands on him he'll help a lot.

jayhawks34243 says I heard that Self has some serious ties to the AAU and high school coaches in Texas. Is this correct?

chiguy says Will KU regret not getting back into the Crawford race? Or did they have no shot anyway?

Dave Telep says I think once the lights go on in Phog, Padgett's true abilities to run the floor, shoot and play inside will come into focus.

Dave Telep says Self is an Oklahoman. He's been in Texas a lot at previous stops.

Dave Telep says KU will not get into the Crawford race. It's tough to recruit them both.

Eric Bossi says BIG TIME HEART AND GUTS..................folks he reminds me a lot of the way Jimmy McKinney was when he was at Vashon, and I could see KU using Robinson like MU uses Jiimmy. Just my .02

SHARKY says plus, padgett, is just getting back into shape after the injurt... give him till octobert then wait

Eric Bossi says Crawford will most likely end up back at Michigan, I think he just wanted some attention.

Eric Bossi says exactly Sharky.

chiguy says my thoughts too, i was just curious

Dave Telep says I think Crawford and Daniel Gibson wanted some love this summer

Tom says 5 more minutes with these guys, folks. Better get your questions in now

chiguy says then they shouldn't have made a decision

DarinB says Dave when I saw Giles it wasway back in December and he showed very little offense. Has he improved a lot? At this point I am skeptical, but I keep hearing he is improved...

Dave Telep says Folks, we're getting down to the nitty gritty. The next 3-4 weeks will shape the class.

enfuego says If we don't get a point guard in this class, who in 2005 would we look at?

Giffhawk says Do you think Bill Selfs style of recruiting will be better then Roys long term or does it matter?

lionhawkI says Eric, Dave...any gut feelings on commitments for the Hawks?

enfuego says Shane Foster? Are we a player?

Dave Telep says Giles has improved. You probably saw him with a high school team that did not afford him a ton of shots. He has skills and could be a fine offensive player. At this stage with bigs, you are looking for potential and production is a big bonus among 50-100 level players

Eric Bossi says Good question on 2005, I suppose McGee (CA) may get some looks. Figuring out the top points and targets for 2005 has been tough because KU had so much ground to make up for 2004. Byron Eaton could genertate a few looks too.

Dave Telep says Each style will work. It's just about where you want to look for players

Eric Bossi says I don't like Eaton all that well myself.

enfuego says I thought Eaton was going to be footballin?

Dave Telep says I can't see McGee getting tons of looks because he's a little on the smallish side for a Self guard. IMO

DarinB says Dave, are you going to put out a list of the Top 2005 guys soon?

jayhawks34243 says what about Carl Henry's kid?

Dave Telep says Should be this week. It's being formated

lionhawkI says Did either of you run across Austin Johson of Amarillo PD during your travels?

enfuego says So we get Kaun and QT?

Dave Telep says Did not

enfuego says Quick wrap up?

chiguy says Kaun and Giles fuegs

DarinB says I have seen Eaton play in person over 20 times. He passes the ball only occasionally, usually when trapped in the corner or falling out of bounds.

Eric Bossi says I saw Austiin Johnson with The Dallas Muxtangs, he was borderline high major

senseibt52 says So KU isn't real hot on Shane Foster???

Tom says Just a couple more minutes, folks

Eric Bossi says sounds about right Darin, and he is a terrible jump shooter to boot.

enfuego says Come on Chi.

lionhawkI says I'm glad you got to see him.

chiguy says thats what it sounds like

Bull says that's what the man said, enfuego

jayhawks34243 says guys...thanks for th einteresting info and answering everyone's questions...good night!

Eric Bossi says Not so hot, just keeping him warm if all else falls through. I really think the guy is a player myself.

enfuego says that's what the man said?

Dave Telep says Folks, I'm not going to tell you who u get and who you don't . These are 17 year old kids, things change. I think you are a major player for Kaun. There's a shot for PRice and Robinson is in good shape with a visit on deck. I think Horford would like to come and Giles really liked Miami's visit

Bull says eric said if we didn't get hairston, price or robinson to look for kaun and giles

chiguy says damn it dave, we expect u to predict the future!

enfuego says So, we strike out on all our guard and wing players? and take 3 bigs in this class?

DarinB says Who does HOrford play like/playing style?

Giffhawk says Of all the college coaches who is the best talent evaluator ?

satanraptor says if you want predictions, call miss cleo

Dave Telep says They are in major league recruiting battles with some heavy hitters for guys. You win some and you lose some as you know.

enfuego says So true Dave.

Dave Telep says Horford is a guy whose rep came as a shot blocker and defender. Now, he's looking to score more and I think it's great that his game is peaking now and hasn't already

chiguy says Dave: Will KU be players for any top 15 players next year? Other than Hansb...

Eric Bossi says Horford, crap Jerome Williams a little.......he just really gets after it on the boards and works it

Dave Telep says Of course, but 2005 is a weak class. My advice is to take as many as you can this year

DarinB says I hate that when the summer is over and I missed seeing some of the late bloomers....

GAPeachHawk plays sound: Thanks, Dave...

satanraptor says Dave thanks for the info

Dave Telep says Gentlemen, is there anything that I missed?

Tom says Thanks to Dave and Eric

enfuego says Thanks

chiguy says thanks guys

DarinB says Thanks

Tad says thanks

Bull says thanks for your time.

red41 says thanks

kidflo says Thaks

SHARKY says gracias

Dave Telep says Tom, enjoyed it. Again, anything i didn't answer

Giffhawk says thanks

senseibt52 says this was GREAT!

Tad says thanks, dave

Tom says If you missed the chat, I'll publish a transcript tomorrow

lionhawkI says Thanks guys

Tad says cool

Dave Telep says OK, that's it for me. Folks, youre program is in great hands. You'll get players. Have a great week!

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