Hoops wallpaper available

The Kansas men's basketball schedule is now available in desktop wallpaper. This is the first in an ongoing series of wallpapers that will be made available to Phog.net users.

640 x 480 | 800 x 600 | 1024 x 768

For PC:

1) Double click the image that most closely matches your screen resolution setting.
2) Right click on the image once it is open.
3) Select "set as wallpaper."

You may get a "border" around the image. If so, you can change your background color to make the wallpaper appear seamless.

1) Go to your control panel, located under "settings" on your start menu.
2) Click on "display" and then "desktop."
3) On position, select "center."
4) Click on "color" and then "other" and enter the following values: Red:29 Blue:44 Green:90 and click okay.

For Macintosh:

1) Open your appearance control panel
2) Click on Desktop, then "place picture."
3) Locate the image file you wish to use and select.
4) Set to "scale to screen" and click set desktop.

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