Hanging with Hairston

Malik Hairston had a great time in Lawrence last weekend. The 6-5 swingman from Detroit, described his visit as a very "successful" one and said he had a blast playing with current Jayhawks and one from the past.

" It was a great visit overall. Playing with the players (was my favorite time), Kirk Hinrich came and played with us. It was a real intense pick up game."

Malik Hairston particularly enjoyed the intensity of his matchup with JR Giddens.

"It went well. JR's older and stronger so I got the chance to watch him and play against him. I fit in well, it didn't seem like it was that big of physical difference."

Hairston also felt like a good fit off the court, both with the players and coaches.

"They're all good guys. I enjoyed being around them, they're funny, cool guys. Coach Self's a great guy. He has a great program, he had a great program at Illionis. I'm sure he's going to come in, and Kansas is going to pick up right where they left off."

Hairston has now visited Ohio State, UCLA and Kansas and currently has no more official visits scheduled despite a lot of interest from other good basketball schools. It looks like it's shaping up to be a three horse race, but Hairston is open to adding another visit or two.

"There are a lot of other schools recruiting me. They're good schools, but I really don't know. These three visits were very successful visits, I enjoyed myself. I had a few visions while I was there. It is a possibility that I'll take another visit, I just don't know for sure."

Hairston has been content to take his time throughout the recruiting process and still has not named a leader. He's focused on taking as long as it takes to pick the best school possible.

"I want to continue to do so. I want something to hit me on the head and say this is the school where I should be. I really think it's going to happen. I really think I'll see the school that is the best fit."

Hairston is also well aware that the schools recruiting him can't wait forever and might have other options willing to commit ahead of him. The thought of taking too long and missing out on an elite school doesn't concern him though.

"I've learned that the players actually control the recruitment. If they really want you that bad or need you, I figure that they'll save the scholarship for you. I understand that some schools might need a player, so that's a completely different situation. But if a school runs out of scholarships I feel I can play somewhere else."

Hairston is confident that the Buckeyes, Bruins and Jayhawks will all be willing to wait for his decision, even if it takes longer than expected. He also realizes that like in any relationship, he needs to keep his suitors all well informed throughout.

"Well, I think they'll keep a spot for me, but I also think I need to let them know how I'm feeling about that certain school, because I really don't want to lead them in a wrong direction. If I'm very interested I'll let them know and if I'm not interested or not as interested I'll make sure I let them know."

Patience, communication and control are all important to Hairston and with all three he hopes to make a "great" decision.

"I mean, I have to be in control because this is my future. I'll just listen to my resources, take my time and I'm gonna make sure I make a great one."

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