Goporo on Kaun's Decision

Brian Hanni has the latest on Alexander Kaun's decision in this Q&A with Coach Goporo. How'd Alexander Kaun's visit to Duke go?
Goporo: He went to Duke this weekend and liked his visit very much.  He needs a couple of days to think about it and make a decision.  I actually expect him to make a decision by tomorrow around four o'clock or by Wednesday morning. Did he mention what he liked most about his visit to Duke?
Goporo: He said pretty much it's all the same, all the same.  It's just time now for him to think about it, because it's a big decision.  He needs to think about it and see where he's going to be four the next four years. What do you think will be the deciding factor for him?
Goporo: I would say people. Can you expand on that?
Goporo: What I mean about the people is the teammates, the coaching staff and playing time. So he wants to have that comfortable feel with the whole basketball family?
Goporo: Yes, because that's what we had here at the Florida Air Academy and he's looking for that same type of environment. Did he say anything else about Coach K and the people at Duke?
Goporo: Yes, he said that he likes it very much.  Duke is pretty good.  But he just doesn't want to rush into a decision right now. That's why he wants to take a couple of days to think about it and let us know.
Coach Goporo also added that the delay in Kaun's decision is partly because of his need to catch up on the tests and assignments he missed while visiting Duke.  Catching up on the academics that Kaun considers to be very important will also occupy his thoughts over the next 48 hours. Top Stories