Quentin Thomas: A Farewell and Best Wishes

Former Kansas recruit Quentin Thomas made his college choice known - he'll be playing basketball for Roy Williams and the North Carolina Tar Heels. More on Thomas' decision inside.

Quentin Thomas is very happy to be a Tar Heel. He might have looked good in the crimson and blue as well, though.

Quentin's mother, Loretta Thomas told Phog.net earlier today that the family is happy to have the decision out of the way.

" We're all very excited for the fact that the decision is made and the process is over." The decision might have gone a different way had Russell Robinson not picked Kansas first.

Mrs. Thomas said Quentin reached his decision "pretty much last night" and it was "probably because the other recruit committed to Kansas."

Of their visit to Lawrence last weekend, Mrs. Thomas had nothing but great things to say.

" It was the tops, it was the tops. We appreciate everything that the coaching staff, their families and even the people the met in Lawrence did. I really feel a friendship has been built in Lawrence. In fact, it might be one of our vacation spots in future years."

As for Coach Roy Williams' reaction to Quentin's decision, Mrs. Thomas said Williams was very excited.

" I wasn't here when he told coach, but I understand that Coach Williams was very, very pleased."

Tar Heel fans should be pleased as well, they're getting a great talent.

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