Kaun to Kansas

"Sasha" Kaun headlines a strong first class from Bill Self.

Earlier this morning Phog.net learned the official announcement of Alexander Kaun's decision likely will not be released until tomorrow. Florida Air Academy officials said today that a press release will be sent out at an unspecified time tomorrow regarding Kaun's decision for either Duke or Kansas. In the meantime, the President of the school, Col. James Dwight is now handling all media requests instead of Coach Aubin Goporo.

However multiple sources are confirming what has been whispered about for the past 48 hours - Alexander Kaun will select Kansas. The 6'10 C reportedly notified Duke of his decision earlier today. Kaun is ranked in the top twenty of his class.

Kaun joins Russell Robinson and Darnell Jackson to complete Bill Self's first recruiting class at Kansas. At this time, only three scholarships are available.

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