"Winning puts people in the seats."

Coach Mark Mangino on the Big 12 Teleconference

Opening Comment:

"We are very pleased with our performance this last Saturday against Missouri. Our offense did a nice job of moving the chains and getting scores on the board. Our quarterback, Bill Whittemore, managed the game very well. Our offensive line did an excellent job of protecting our quarterback and opening up creases for our run game. Receivers played well and caught the ball. We had a few drops but the kids that had drops, came back and made good plays. I am real pleased with our defense. It is the type of defense that we want to play here at Kansas. I think it was the kind of defensive performance you need if there is going to be an opportunity for this team to have an opportunity for postseason play. The defense has to play the way it did this week -- I am very proud of them. Our defensive coaches -- Bill Young and his staff did a great job of preparing against a very good offense and a young man at the quarterback position for Missouri that is highly touted. Our special teams continue to be extremely important for us. I think in most categories, with the exception of Field Goal/PAT, we are ranked in the top-20 in the nation and ranked highly in the conference. I am not a big stat guy but that is extremely important when you are putting a program together. You need some rallying points and special teams have been a rallying point for our kids and they take a lot of pride in it. Overall, I feel good about our kids and the way they played. There are still areas that we have to improve on. Having an off week this week, we will get some rest and work on some fundamentals so we can shore up the areas that need attention."

On having fans embrace the Kansas Football program:

"Winning puts people in the seats. When I first arrived here, people told me about the marketing campaigns. I think they are great because they bring out an awareness about football. Winning is the only thing that fills the stadium. We are finding some success early. We have always had a loyal core of fans and now that fan base is expanding. Our student-body is extremely excited and had great enthusiasm Saturday. What it boils down to is, if you put a good product on the field and you win, then people will come and support it. It creates a big-time college atmosphere that every program strives to have."

"In the early stages I want to be able to play some teams at home where you have an opportunity to build confidence in your program. I don't know what the future holds but 10-12 years from now I don't want to play all of the non-conference games at home against teams we can beat. I think in five or six years if you can get your program on its feet then you go out and play some top-25 teams from time-to-time. I think an example of that is Oklahoma. They came off the national championship, and they could have played a lot of teams that would be easy game but they went out and played Alabama and UCLA. If you want to be among the best programs in the country then you have to tangle with top-25 teams in non-conference. We are not ready for that yet."

On bringing in junior college players:

"We felt that at times last year that we were kind of short-handed. We went out to find some junior college kids. If a third of them make an impact this year and half of them make an impact at some point in time then we will feel successful. Our goal is to graduate all of them. We have an excellent academic support staff here and we are going to make sure that these kids walk away from here with a degree."

"We had a lot of new faces here in August. You are trying to teach them everything from how to practice, how to pay attention and take good notes at meetings, how to operate under university rules and how to develop study habits for classroom work. It is a big challenge when you bring a good size group of junior college kids in at one time. When you bring in that many new faces and you are expecting them to make an impact, then there is a lot of working to be done in a short period of time before your first game."

On the off week hurting momentum:

"Our kids have worked so hard to get to this point, where we are winning games and playing well. I am not worried about the momentum. I think right now that we need a little bit of rest but we still need practice. Get back to some fundamentals that we need to improve on. We have some kids that are banged up and have been playing banged up and they need some rest. I think right now with the excitement and enthusiasm that our kids have right now they won't miss a beat when we are ready to play our next game. I truly believe that."

On building confidence within the football program:

"They didn't feel good about themselves when I arrived here. Every coach has there own ways. There is a lot of ways to help build a program. We had to have great discipline, we had to be honest and fair with our players but we also had to coach them in positive manner. That doesn't mean that we don't get after them and at times have to coach them in a stern way -- don't misunderstand what I am saying. When you look at the big picture here and how we deal with our players and how we talk to them -- we are positive. We have done everything we can to build up our players' self-esteem. It is working. Our kids think they are pretty good. That is all that really matters."

"The kids didn't feel good about themselves. Nobody had anything good to say about KU football. The kids were depressed and down. I knew that I had to do something pretty quickly to build them up or we would never get this thing off the ground. We did the best we could to make them feel good about themselves. Have them find success in the weightroom and have them find success in the offseason programs. The kids pulled together. We have a close-knit group of kids. The closeness of the team and the fact they believe in one another and believe in what we are doing here has helped them tremendously. We have got a long way to go but we are moving in the right direction and that is all I care about as a coach."

On coaching Josh Heupel, Nate Hybl, Jason White and Bill Whittemore:

"All of those kids got it. They are all players. They have talent and we just got them into systems that they believed in and helped them develop confidence. They are players. I had minimal impact on their success. Josh Heupel was an unknown but we thought he had all the qualities you want in a winner. Nate (Hybl) was a transfer guy at Oklahoma. Jason White came from Tuttle (Okla.) and in the state of Oklahoma he was a highly respected recruit and we always thought he would be pretty special. Bill Whittemore -- nobody really wanted Bill. He had his arm in a sling after having surgery on his throwing arm. Not many people were recruiting him. I saw this guy at Fort Scott making all these plays against Garden City. He was throwing the ball, he was pulling it down and running and he was flipping to people down field. When I called they told me he was a heck of a player but he had surgery on his throwing shoulder. He came up and he liked it and he ended up being the player we thought he could be."

On Bill Whittemore's performance in Saturday's win over Missouri:

"His poise and management of the game was outstanding. He made plays where he needed to. When we called his number to be the ball carrier he made some people miss and got extra yards. He got into the right checks at the line of scrimmage. He threw the ball extremely well. The kids fed off him and they could see his poise and confidence."

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