A Bunch of Hicks

Rice High School coach Maurice Hicks' thoughts on Russell Robinson, the talented young guard from New York - and a member of the Jayhawks' latest recruiting class.

It's common knowledge that Kansas landed a great talent earlier this week when Russell Robinson gave his commitment to Bill Self.  Here's another man's opinion that backs that up.
Meet Maurice Hicks, the head coach of Rice High School in New York.  Hicks knows better than most, just how good of a player Kansas is getting and he's quick to share his praise of the 6-1 guard.
"Russell's a warrior.  As far as his best qualities go, he's a great defender, great competitor and his shooting is really getting better.  He has versatility to play the one or the two. He's a combo guard."
"Combo guard" is a term we've heard a lot this week, but just how much experience does Russ-Rob have at the point?
"He played the one for us last year and throughout the summer played point as well for the Gauchos who were champs on the Nike circuit.  He'll play the point again this year for us so by the time he gets to you guys he should be in good shape."
A guard whose a great competitor, can hit the big shot and lead his team to victory from the point.  Sounds like a lot of great guards at the college level.  Dave Telep, of the Insiders Network likens his skills to Hollis Price.  Hicks agrees and offers another comparison of his own.
"Hollis is a good comparison.  Russell is a little bigger than Hollis, but as far as the big heart that Hollis plays with, I think Russell can definitely match that.  He plays with so much heart and intensity that he can serve as an asset to anybody's program.  We had a guy named Kenny Satterfield who went to Cincinnati and had a great career.  He's a similar player and a guy we like to compare Russell to."
In order to have the kind of careers that Price and Satterfield had in college hoops, Robinson still has a lot to work on, including adding a little more size.

"I really think it's strength and that's the thing that most high school athletes need to work on heading into the next level.  I think with added strength and explosiveness that'll really help him. If he gets just a little more strength he won't be bumped off the ball as easily, like many high school players do when they first play in college."
While Coach Self still can't talk about Robinson by NCAA rule, it's safe to assume that he, like Hicks, expects big things from Robinson at the college level. If that happens, Hicks thinks it could open the door for even more New York talent to start looking more at Kansas.

"Yeah, I think that'd be great.  Russell is a leader in this community and a guy that I think could really jump start things if his career goes well.  He could really catapult the interest of other New York area kids as far as Kansas goes."
Robinson avereaged 18 points, six rebounds, four assists and four steals last season at Rice High School.

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