Illinois LB in no hurry

Eric Andino is in no rush to pick his future football home.

The 6-4, 230 pound linebacker from Buffalo Grove, IL has many great options, but is in no hurry to start narrowing down his list.

Right now Andino's main focus is his Buffalo Grove Bison football team and their 4-3 record. Once their season is complete, he'll start to focus on where his next football season will be spent.

Boston College could be that place.

"Right now Boston College, Wisconsin and Michigan State are probably recruiting me the hardest. I don't have a leader or anything, but those schools are probably making the biggest effort.

I'm going to take a visit to BC on November 1st, but it's still kind of early on. No one's in the lead right now."

Kansas, Illinois, Notre Dam, Penn State and Ohio State have all also showed interest. Andino says the Jayhawks have been consistent in calling him.

"They call every week and always want to know when I'm going to take an official down there. I'm really not sure yet. BC is the only one I've scheduled so far."

There has been talk of a visit to Kansas in early December, but Andino insists that nothing has been made official yet. He is still interested in working things out to come visit Lawrence though.

In the meantime, Andino has made a habit of watching the schools that are calling him and is well aware of KU's early success this season.

"Yeah, I have (seen them). I watch games of the schools that are looking at me and they seem like a decent team. I just haven't put too much thought into Kansas yet. Once my season is over, towards December, I'll start thinking about it more."

When it does become time to pick a school several things will influence Andino's decision.

"I'll look at the academics the athletics and social surroundings to see if I fit in and get a long with everyone. And I'll be looking to see if I'll play my freshman year."

Playing as a freshman is very important to Andino, but not a deal breaker.

"You always want to play your first year so you can get a head start, it's pretty high up there, but wouldn't stop me from going to a school."

Andino wants to play as much as possible so he can continue to develop into a big time force at linebacker. He hopes to fit the mold of the NFL's Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis.

"I think I'm similar to Urlacher by the way he runs, going from sideline to sideline. That kind of reminds me of myself. I'm also a little like Ray Lewis, he's a hard hitter just like me."

With his good combination of size, speed and ability, Andino is listed as a three-star prospect by the Insiders Network. Top Stories