Big 12 Teleconference

Quotes from Mark Mangino

Opening Comment:

"It was a game Saturday where a lot of offense was displayed on both sides of the field. It was a hard fought game. Our kids fought hard and competed down to the last play of the game. What it boiled down to in the last 8-10 minutes of the game -- Colorado made more plays than we did. You have to give credit to Colorado because they came up with plays when they needed to. I am proud of the effort from our kids. I thought they fought hard in a tough competitive game on the road. We had a chance and we had opportunities to win the game. We will take this game and learn from it. If we learn from it then it is not a lost day but if we don't then it is a lost day. I believe that our kids will learn from their mistakes and we will get better. We are looking forward to playing Baylor at home this weekend. Baylor has proven they can win in the Big 12, with a big win over Colorado. They will come in here ready to play. Our kids will be anxious to get back out on the field and put that Colorado game behind us and just use it as a learning tool."

On high scoring offenses in the Big 12 Conference:

"The philosophy of the head coaches and a lot of the offensive coaches are to air the ball out and take some risks. We are certainly not a three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust conference as we were once called in the years past. I think with the development of quarterbacks and receivers offenses want to stretch the field and put as much pressure on the defense as possible. I think unless you are a physical football team, on offense you do not want all your people in a tight formation where you have to run at the other defense or play in a small area. You would rather stretch them out and use the entire field and use all of the available people on offense as potential pass receivers and ball carriers. I think there is starting to be that thought process in this conference -- spread the field out and put a little pressure on the defense."

"I have been under different head coaches who have had various philosophies. I would say that in my later years as an assistant at Kansas State we decided to spread the field out more. We could use our quarterback as a running back to try out-gap people. When I went to Oklahoma our first year we were wide open. I liked a lot of things we did. During my time as an assistant at Oklahoma I tried to tweak the offense a little more. Try to get more runs in to mix things up. At Kansas we are doing what we like to do. We like to spread it out but we like to have a solid run game. We use a bunch of different formations. Not every formation we use is a spread formation. We will get into two tight ends and two backs but we feel that our success has come from being able to get the ball in as many hands as possible by spreading the field."

On using the loss as a learning tool:

"We have to learn from those experiences and that is what we have to do here -- we took something from it. We reminded our kids constantly about second half play, making big plays at the end of the game and winning in the fourth quarter. We have to use the video tape from Saturday's game as a learning tool to get better."

On KU's kicking game situation:

"Johnny kicked the ball well most of the time. He did top the ball on the extra point. I can't tell you we are ready to yank him but we will continue to have competition at that position. If there comes a time that we need to use Scott Webb then we will do that. We will do what we have to do. We do not play for the future. The future is important at Kansas but we play for each game one at a time."

On the Big 12's North Division:

"We have a lot of goals but many of them we don't talk about. I think we constantly have things we want to accomplish. The only goal that we truly talk about is preparing to beat the next opponent. If you keep that kind of focus and you make that your immediate goal then I think some of those other things in the back of your mind become a by-product of staying focused on each and every opponent. If we take care of our business -- who knows what will happen. We are not good enough to look far ahead."

"The north (division) looks like it is up in the air. It looks like anybody could win this thing. It is the wildest scenario that I have seen in the north since I have been associated with the conference. For us, we are not good enough to plan down the road. We have to look at our next opponent. Who knows what is going to happen here. It is pretty interesting scenario." Top Stories