Media Day: Freshman

Quotes from J.R. Giddens and David Padgett.

Freshman forward J.R. Giddens:

On expectations:

"I am just looking forward to have a good season. All of us staying healthy and doing team stuff to help us win games. If I have to play one minute I will play one minute. If I have to play five, ten, fifteen whatever. As long as we are winning I will be happy."

On the season:

"I am excited and nervous. I want to know what to expect from coach (Bill Self). I know that it is going to be harder than high school. He is going to push us more. I will be playing against better talent. I am learning a whole new system, like help side defense. I know I am going to be frustrated and get impatient a lot. I just need to stick with it. We will get through it as a team."

On having experienced teammates:

"It helps out a lot knowing we have Aaron (Miles) and Wayne (Simien). Those guys are amazing. We learn from them everyday. They teach us so much. It helps out a lot knowing they have been to two Final Fours. I am just excited to get out there and learn from those guys and play ball with them."

Freshman Center David Padgett:

On freshmen having a role on the team:

"We have a lot of depth this year and I think the freshmen are trying to contribute in any way they can to help the team win. All five freshmen are very good and very quick at playing, so hopefully, we'll have a good impact this year."

On the pressures of being a freshman:

"I don't think any of us are feeling pressure. Obviously, we are not expected to step in and be the best five players on the court. We're just trying to help our team win as many games as possible."

On the coaching staff change:

"It's a lot better. The period when we really didn't have a coach was pretty uncertain for a while. Now everything's settled down, it's a lot better and its going well." Top Stories