Late Night: Fan Voices

Fan reaction to "Late Night in the Phog."

I liked the video of Kansas used Self's hiring speech and played video of the Kansas history he was referencing in the speech. I thought it was pretty well done. "Roy Williams is a tough act to follow, but so was Larry Brown, and so was Phog Allen, and so was James Naismith" was accompanied by photos and footage of these coaches, which got roaring ovations.

I'd wager a fan favorite will be the rap that the basketball players sang. The words were on the video boards, and I'm sure they'll find their way over here. There was also a pretty cool video on the screen that the boys taped, with them dong Globetrotter stunts at halfcourt. It was pretty amusing.

- MorgansRaider1973

Is it possible to say enough about Bill Self? Honest to God...that man is incredible. Even just watching that amazing cut together sequence of the presser where he was announced, I got chills at the conviction in his voice. "There's NO PLACE like Kansas". My God. This man is going to lead us to new heights, folks. Kansas basketball was good before, maybe even great at times. But we are on the verge of being the best of the best, year in and year out, with this man at the helm. He wants to be here. He loves this place, and it is evident in every fiber of his being. That first exhibition game cannot get here soon enough.

- Pittsburg Jayhawk

It was great seeing the highlights of the 1988 season and very cool they had the 1988 "One Shining Moment" video. I thought the crowd showed some nice appreciation for the '88 guys. Of course Danny got the loudest, along with Chris Piper and Coach Brown. The fact is so many of the students have no real concept of that team and what they truly accomplished. As one who was a student in '88 it was awesome to see them. At one point while on my t-shirt hunt I saw Archie Marshall and Jeff Geuldner. It gave me chills seeing them up close again. Three guys couldn't make it: Scooter Barry, Keith Harris and Clint Normore.

The Marching Cobras were awesome as always and received a wonderful reception. What an ovation for the football team and Coach Mangino! It was standing and long and loud. I don't know that they expected it. When Coach Mangino said "Kansas is now a basketball and a football school" the place went nuts. Very cool to see those guys get recognized.

- Gojayhawks1988

I was surprisingly emotional when the '88 team was introduced. Larry's tenure at KU paralleled mine as a student and seeing the highlights and the team really brought back a lot of memories. Also, as Max and Bob detailed the season, it really brought home how Larry did such a great job with that team. To lose all those players to injury/problems and still get them Also, I was impressed at how many of the former players/staff have other gigs either in the NCAA or NBA and they still made it here for the reunion. Pretty cool.

- Jeffbinlawrence Top Stories