Weekly Teleconference

Mark Mangino looks ahead to KState.

Opening Comment:

"We were able to pick up another conference victory here at home. It was a hard fought game against Baylor. I didn't think we played particularly well on offense in the first half. We had some miscues in the kicking game that needed to be corrected and will get corrected. I thought our kids came out in the second half and played very well to win the game in the fourth quarter -- as you would want you ballclub to do. We played a tough hard-fought game with a persistent Baylor ballclub that never gave up. They get better every week, just like we get better every week. We feel good about the win and we feel good about bouncing back from a loss the week before. We look forward to this week and traveling over to Manhattan to play Kansas State."

On high scoring offenses being good for the fans:

"They probably like seeing a lot of scoring and all of that. As coaches we like the idea that our offenses are going pretty well. We would all like to play better defense. For my program, I think we played pretty well on defense this past week. We made some strides in that area. It is great to put up a lot of points but you have to be able to play some defense if you want to compete for championships. The coaches' worries are a little different than the fans'."

On Baylor's win over Colorado:

"I think it was a warning to not take Baylor or any team in this conference lightly. You have to lineup and be ready to go each and every week. In the Big 12 you never have a game off. On any given day anybody can beat anybody. Baylor proved they could do that against Colorado. We took the Baylor game very serious and prepared just like we would for any other opponent. We feel like the Baylor program is making strides."

On Kansas State:

"I spent eight wonderful season there (at Kansas State). I played a small part in the turnaround -- arguably the best turnaround in all of college football. I put a lot of hard work, time, sweat and effort into the K-State program. I feel -- even though I am at Kansas -- somewhat of a sense of ownership in that program. There are two great universities that stand out in the state of Kansas and I have been affiliated with both of them. That makes me twice-blessed. We have a lot of friends there and we are looking forward to going in and competing with K-State."

"In my early years there we got pumped up for it. It was truly a rivalry. Then as K-State started to get better, we started to win the game with regularity. It started to be a game that was a little bit of a rivalry but there were other games we felt we needed to win if we were going to have a chance to compete for championships. It lost its luster. What we are trying to do here at KU is do our part to make it a good in-state rivalry. We have to hold our end of the bargain up."

"They play with the same type of intensity K-State has always played with on defense. They may be a few players short of what they have had in the past as far as talent, but they are trying to make up for it with aggressive, hard-nosed football. They play that hard, swarm to the football style defense even though they are down a little bit in areas."

On being one win away from bowl eligibility:

"That talk is great and we are glad our fans are excited. I think the reason we are 5-2 at this point in the season is because we have done a good job of focusing on the task at hand each and every week. We still have to play some good football teams and we are preparing ourselves for the first challenge here with K-State. If we stay focused and continue with the type of mentality we have used to get to this point then a bowl game is a reality. That is only a product of staying focused on each of every opponent and playing your best as each game comes up."

On the Big 12 Conference:

"I think we all have to pass the test of time. I sense there are teams getting better in this league. Not only from the bottom up but from the top up. Oklahoma for example, they just keep getting better and better. There are other teams having big years that were not necessarily on the bottom. From our perspective, it is a welcome site. To be able to compete and play hard against our conference opponents and have a chance to win games. This is a great conference for college football and is a conference that is catching the eye of a lot of kids around the country that are thinking about schools to play for."

On Ell Roberson:

"He looked really sharp in the Colorado game. He getting back to being confident. He is player and make plays. He seems to be getting back into the groove a little bit. I saw him make some plays against Colorado that really made the difference in that game."

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