Kansas Leads for Jackson

Already with an offer in his pocket from a WAC school, Tyrone Jackson is weighing his options, and he does like the Jayhawks.

Tyrone Jackson is 6-3, 180 pound wide receiver from Waller, TX. This rising talent from the Lone Star State likens his abilities to a super star in San Francisco.

"I'm like T.O. -- Terrell Owens. I'd say I'm most like him because he's just physical and when it comes down to making plays, he's the man."

Jackson hopes to one day be "the man" as well and several big schools think he has that kind of potential.

So far, his only offer is from Utah, but Kansas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Utah State have all shown interest as well. Jackson says it could wind up being a two horse race.

"Right now it's right in between Kansas and Utah (as my leaders). I want to take four visits though and get to know all the people and the coaches and everything."

No visits have been scheduled yet, but Jackson hopes to start touring his final choices in early December. In the meantime Jackson will focus on the final three games of his regular season at Waller High School (his team is 3-4) and watch his college favorites from afar.

"I've been watching Kansas and I like their offense and the way they spread it out. They can beat you with the pass or the run."

Jackson could wind up a part of that offense, but that decision is still a couple of months away.

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