Cornerback Prospect: Toney Collins

Not yet ready to make a school decision, Collins has a number of schools on his list, including the Jayahwks.

Toney Collins has all the tools to be a big-time cornerback at the next level. The Lake Worth, FL talent has size (6-0, 170), speed (4.4 40 time) and that’s not all. He says his instincts complement his athleticism.

“My athleticism and my way to find the ball are my best qualities.”

Now he hopes he can find a college home as easily as he finds interceptions.

Collins is not at all close to making a decision and is still narrowing down which schools and college towns he’d like to visit. Chapel Hill is one location on his mind.

“I’m in the process of setting up a visit with North Carolina, for maybe around November 15th. I also want to visit Minnesota, Florida, Kansas State, and Washington.”

Collins says he currently doesn’t have a specific leader, but a couple of schools have been very consistent in their recruiting of him.

“I’m keeping my options open for the time being. North Carolina is up there though. They’re pretty good. They call me a lot, like once a week. Rutgers has too.”

Collins also thinks highly of Kansas – especially KU’s academics.

“They’ve got a good program, and a good academic program with good a tutoring program too.”

Academics, coaching and a strong athletic department are all important attributes of Collins ideal college home. A close location to his current home in Florida is not of great importance.

“Basically, I don’t care if it’s far away from home, but it has to have a good background in athletics, academics, and a strong coaching staff.”

Playing time in his freshman season is also a factor that Collins will strongly consider. It might be the most important one.

“I’ll look at how many starters that they need, how many backups that they have and how many red-shirt freshmen too. I don’t want to go in and red-shirt my first year. I want to get in and play. I want to go in and be starting with a new program, clean cut and make something happen.”

With such an emphasis on playing time, some lesser established programs might have the leg up on Collins. This race is wide open for now though and Collins doesn’t expect to make a decision before January. Top Stories