KU vs. EA Sports: The Other Stuff

We're warning you. This is long and off-topic, but here's Wine and Cheeser's first look at the "other" stuff from a fan's perspective.

Game day preparations have a new twist this year. Mrs. Cheeser has decided to take a job outside the home. Took her a while to learn that when you work from your house, you’re always at work. Anyway, she works in Corporate Woods; I work in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. To get to Lawrence in time for dinner and the game, we don’t have time to meet at home as that would put us right into the 5:00 traffic. While I understand our traffic ain’t much compared to a lot of places, it can still take 45 minutes just to get on the highway from our house at the wrong time. So the decision is for me to take her to work, pick her up after work and head straight to Lawrence. No biggie, right? Well, not really, except she likes to be at work by 0:dark:30. I’m an 8:30 or 9:00 kind of guy. So, I’m at work way early; probably a good thing. Should make it easier to leave early, right? Just hoping my late day, Blackberry toting, thumb-typing client doesn’t chime in at 4:00.

Off on time. Race to Corporate Woods. Mrs. Cheeser is waiting and we’re off. We’ve beaten the traffic. We’re in Lawrence by 5:15. Go to Paisanno’s for dinner. One thing I like about this place is we’re usually the youngest ones there at that time!

As we drive to AFH, it hits me that this is the first KU Men’s Basketball game I’ve attended without Roy on the bench. We arrive around 6: 30. The band is playing; most of the GA seats are taken. We head to ours. The drama unfolds as new folks start to look for seats around us. The people who had the seats next to us apparently gave them up. I told Mrs. Cheeser to be nicer to them : - ). I’m disappointed because they were good folks. The new couple is much younger, about the age of our son. Contributed the big bucks for the first time this year, and anxious for the show. Generally good grades from us – the cheered, stood, and had a good grasp of what was going on. They DID, however, leave early. Score was 88 to 85 with about a minute left. I’ll have to see what was up with that later.

The incredibly dumb folks behind us weren’t there. It is probably too much to hope that they’ve moved. The belligerent guy a number of seats to our side, and one row up is still there, decked out in his gold and black. Hope not see him after the “re-seating.”

Okay. Who’s ready for the season? Air Force ROTC there right on time. No singer for the National Anthem. What’s up with that? The band was rockin’, clearly in mid-season form.

The Dance Team f/k/a the Crimson Girls were a bunch of Energizer Bunnies. They were “on” from the moment they took the floor. Some new routines, all with more bumps and grinds. Noticed during their halftime show that there are a couple with “lower back” tattoos.

The Cheerleaders were kind of out of it at first. Especially the gal who forgot to turn her “card” during the Rock Chalk cheer. They eventually seemed to get into it.

Shannon. Well, on the one hand she seems ready for the season with the new tresses and slimmed down look. She was wearing basic black or gray slacks, a white blouse and extremely spiky CFMPs. While otherwise ready to go, she did miss the season’s first toss of a warm-up jersey. I noticed it hit her in the head while she was looking away. I’m sure by mid season she’ll be able to snatch it out of the air while continuing a conversation.

The crowd was a bit subdued, until it became clear there was a real possibility we could lose the game. Great plays, on the offensive and defensive end, were greeted with great noise. The students were a bit uneven in their free throw heckling.

All in all, a hopeful start to a new era in KU basketball. I’m glad to be along for the ride.

[Editor's note: We're considering an official title for W&C. Does "Phog.net's Official 'Other' Reporter" seem a bit wordy to you?]

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