Andino Getting Serious

With two official visits scheduled, and his high school season now complete, Eric Andino is starting to really get serious about finding a college home.

The Buffalo Grove, IL linebacker wishes he was still playing post-season high school football, but because his team has been eliminated he realizes its time to start thinking about the next team he'll join.

Eric Andino has scheduled a December 5th visit to Michigan State and a December 12th visit to Boston College. Those aren't the only schools still very much in the hunt though.

"I really haven't had a chance to think about it much further because our season just ended, but I'd say Kansas and Indiana are still schools I'm interested in and would like to visit."

The Jayhawks may have some in-state competition for Andino's services.

"Kansas State called the other day. So, they've entered the picture. They're defensive line coach called. They want me to play defensive end there."

While playing for an established program like Kansas State sounds appealing, it likely won't come at the cost of Andino switching from the position he loves.

"I really would prefer to play linebacker. I mean, if I was going to be a second or third string linebacker somewhere else and I could start at defensive end at K-state, then I'd probably go to K-state, but linebacker is what I want to play."

But what if positioning on the depth chart was equal? When asked if he'd pick K-state and its opportunity to play defensive end or a less-established program and the chance to play linebacker, Andino again preached his loyalty to his most natural position.

"I'd go to the other school."

The linebacker hopes to make his decision soon after his visits are complete. Top Stories