Ryan Cantrell: Happy with KU Commitment

It's been a week now since Ryan Cantrell committed to Kansas and the Sugar Land, TX offensive lineman is still on cloud nine.

Ryan Cantrell had received offers from Houston, Louisiana Tech, Iowa State and Duke, but ever since his verbal commitment last Sunday, Cantrell has only had eyes for Kansas.
On Saturday, those eyes were glued to a friend’s television as Cantrell watched KU’s 24-3 loss to Nebraska.  Despite the outcome, Cantrell was still all smiles as he dreamed of his future and the chance to protect Kansas quarterback Adam Barmann.
“We were watching the game yesterday over at my buddy’s house.  I leaned over to my friend and said, ‘You know what’s weird?  I’ll be playing with that quarterback.’”
Cantrell has been really impressed this season with the Kansas offense, a system that he says is not very different from what he played in high school.
“Their offense is pretty much identical to ours. They’re just more effective with it.”
Cantrell’s Clements High School team went 2-8 this year, a frustrating record that fuels his fire even more to get up to Lawrence and join a program that he thinks is really on the rise.
“It’s unreal to be able to turn a team around that quickly and knowing that Coach Mangino helped build up OU, you just never know when it’s going be the year for Kansas.  It means the world to me that he would ask me to be a part of that.”
In case you couldn’t tell, Cantrell is a pretty big Mangino fan.
“There were a lot of things about Kansas that contributed to my decision, but the one main thing is Coach Mangino’s dedication to winning.  It’s apparent in a lot of ways, including the new weight facility that he has for his players.”
Cantrell first visited Lawrence for a camp during Mangino’s first summer on the Hill.
“I went up there in between my sophomore and junior year for a camp.  It’s kind of weird, that was the first camp like that I’d been to and now I’m headed to KU.”
Cantrell’s next trip will come on December 5th when he follows through on the official visit he set up prior to making his decision. 
So what will Cantrell add to the Kansas program?  The future Jayhawk says pass blocking is his greatest strength.
“My passing blocking is probably what I do best.  I’m a little quicker than a lot of D-lineman out there.  I’ve really been working hard on my run blocking and have gotten so much better.  I’ve got my squat up to 500, and my bench up to 325 pounds.”
From those numbers, it’s easy to see that Cantrell loves spending time in the weight room.  Someday after his football career is over, this business-minded young man might manage one.
“I’m going into business. I’ll be in the college of liberal arts at KU and hopefully then on
to the business school.  After my football career, a career in sports entertainment management or business management would be fun, and I’d like to possibly open up my own weight center.”
All those possibilities and decisions are still a long way a way.  For now, Cantrell just wants to reflect on what he thinks is the best decision of his life.
“I just can’t wait to get up there.  It’s going to be the best experience of my life.  It’s going to be awesome.”
Though he likely won’t admit it, Cantrell is pretty awesome, himself.

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