KU vs. Pittsburg St.: The Other Stuff

Long and off-topic. You've been warned.

Second game of the season. Mrs. Cheeser and I have the basic routine in place: take her to work in the morning, pick her up when she gets off work, and head to Lawrence. Her office allows her to wear game-day apparel during the day. Doesn’t work where I am, so I need to change clothes.

As I’m precisely in the middle of the clothes change, I realize something: I’m quite uncomfortable. Here I am, standing in my private, locked-door office one garment away-from commando (OGAC), and I’m uncomfortable. What’s the deal? True, there is a hotel across the street with a few windows that can be seen from a small corner of my office, but the hotel is oriented perpendicularly to my office – to see in, a guest would have to stick his or her head out of the window, and look right. We’re in a “flashcube” building (windows reflect) and I don’t now remember when it is you can see through them. When the light inside is greater than the light outside?

I decide to try aversion therapy: stand in the middle of my office, feet at shoulder width, arms akimbo. Well, that doesn’t work. I feel silly; uncomfortable. What should I do with these feelings? Should I wait for the drive with Mrs. Cheeser and have a marital dialectic on the issue? Would it bring us closer as we probe the depths of my insecurities? Nah. I’m a Republican. At the next partners’ meeting I’ll move to outlaw going OGAC in one’s office, but for the briefest periods of time. Perhaps we can add it to our Mission Statement: “…and we almost never go OGAC in our offices.” That decided, I complete the clothes change and head for the elevators, glaring at all I see to assure them I was OGAC only for a few moments; “are you looking at me?!”

With all the bankers and government workers taking the day off, the traffic is pretty light. Mrs. Cheeser is ready as I approach her office, and off we go to Lawrence, right on time. We’re well ahead of any traffic.

We need to be in Lawrence a bit early tonight as we’re meeting some friends at Allen Fieldhouse before the game. To assure we’re on time, we opt for a quick dinner at Panera. When asked for the name to attach to my order, I say “Bianca,” the name of the gal taking my order. Mrs. Cheeser rolls her eyes. I usually say “823” or some such.

We’re at Allen shortly after the band start playing. We guide our friends around the trophy cases, and tour some of the portraits. We make sure they’re in their seats by 6:45 so they don’t miss the National Anthem and the Rock Chalk before the game.

We make it to our seats on time, too. For the second game in a row we had to evict people from our seats, “you mean this isn’t row 6?” Sheesh. Army ROTC presents the colors, and we’re off. National Anthem sung by a student-age baritone. Very nice job. While he tried to impress us all with his range by transposing the last notes of he alma mater, he should have just sung the notes as written and let us enjoy his tone.

Lots of Pittsburg State folks seated around us. I know we have a bunch of faculty and staff seats near us, and many of them must have given their seats back to the University for the game, or sold them to Pittsburg State fans. The guy behind us, who, last week, wore black and gold, wore a Carolina blue turtle neck last night. I’ve just about had it with that guy. A fellow I won’t miss after next year’s re-seating.

Okay; last exhibition game. Who’s ready for the season? We really take the band for granted. They are pretty much in mid-season form already (of course playing for the football games must help!). They seemed to be missing their high note, “screech” trumpeter last night. Missed his or her work.

Shannon. Will the 100th caller to 1-800-EXTENTIONS? who pressed “1” for “yes” contact us for your prize? Shannon’s hair was back to last year’s length. She sported a black sweater with _ sleeves and a V-neck. She had some sort of a necklace on, but I couldn’t make it out from our seats. The ensemble also included a tan, knee-length skirt with black, closed toe, open backed shoes with a 2 or 3 inch spiky heal (no, I won’t try to characterize what you call that type of shoe). She seemed ready for the season – no more missing of tossed warmups. You know, she seems like a nice young lady. I’m sorry I missed her at the Phog.Net tent before the Nebraska football game. I wonder how she would feel going OGAC in her office; perhaps with her it would be TGAC (Two Garments Away-From Commando).





(You know, the World Series was quite interesting this year. I can’t get over Florida having a baseball team. Wasn’t it one of the Back to the Future movies where someone who had just come back from, well, the future, mentioned a Florida MLB team and we all thought that was ridiculous?) Okay, I’m better now.

The Cheerleaders were the most improved from the last game. While their stunts and stuff weren’t exactly bing-on all the time, they seemed to know where they were and what they should be doing. This was a vast improvement over last week.

The Dance Team f/k/a the Crimson Girls. They wore the mostly blue outfits. A couple of them looked like they washed them over the winter, and lost a bunch of the sparkly stuff. Anyone else notice that? Maybe it was just the way the light hit them. They were, generally, better than last week. Primarily, they ditched the new routine that requires them to spin 360 degrees mid-routine. Last week they simply could not complete the move in time with the music and were off the rest of the dance. Maybe it was just me, but a number of them last night looked like they wanted to be anywhere but Allen Field house. Looked just kind of sullen. Like their hearts weren’t into it. Anyway, a subset of them left the first half early to change clothes for the halftime routine. Where do they all go to change their costumes during the game? While there, I wonder if any of them are uncomfortable going T/OGAC?





(The Chiefs are having a great year. Somehow it feels different, though, than the 1972 Dolphins. Oh yeah. Csonka, Kiick and Mercrury Morris. Numbers 39, 21 and 22. Why do I remember that stuff? You know, I stopped being able to really follow NFL offensive possessions once they went to the “pro-set,” of only one, or no, running backs. Having learned the wishbone, it just seems odd.) Okay. I’m better now.

The students in the South stands need some remedial work on free throw heckling. Don’t make me bring out the Penguin! And what was up with most of the first row in those stands where the students just stood there like bumps on a log the entire game? The North stands were much better than the South, but they haven’t found their mid-season stride yet. I’m sure it will come. I would urge some of the North side leaders to deputize some folks for the South side.

The lack of drama in the game was mirrored in the stands. Like I mentioned, we had a bunch of Pittsburg State fans around us, including the family of one of their non-starters, number 30. When he made a 3 over Keith, right after Keith schooled him, I thought they would fly apart.

We had a different couple in the seats next to us. They’re sharing the Williams Fund contribution and the seats with the couple we met last week. Interesting. Not a bad strategy, but deciding who gets to go to which game might be brutal. Nice kids, again. Early 30’s, and into the game.

We wave the wheat, and say goodbye to our friends who were attending their first KU basketball game with the strains of “Home, Home on the Range” in the background. We’re out the door to “Stars and Stripes.” In the car in time for post-game interviews. And head home. Mrs. Cheeser and I are ready for the season (if only I can get over this OGAC issue! I’ve got an idea for the next game.).

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