Mangino on the Big 12 teleconference

It is a matter of pride. Quotes on Randle, Gordon, and Whittemore

Opening comment:

"Charles Gordon sure is a talented young player. He's a redshirt freshman and broke the freshman reception record here at KU and still has a game to play. He is one of the top punt return guys in the conference and maybe in the nation. We have played him over on defense a little bit and he had a sack, a pass breakup, a bunch of tackles and made some nice plays. He has really established himself as one of the most versatile and talented young players in the Big 12 conference."

"John Randle plays tailback for us and he took snaps for us on defense. He played very well and had a bunch of tackles. Our quarterback Adam Barmann got hobbled up with an injury. Brian Luke came in and really did a solid job. Brian is the fourth quarterback that we have used this season and he made a good account of himself. We need to play better on defense in some areas -- playing the run."

"We are not a big physical team in our front seven but I think we need to use our quickness to our advantage and capitalize on things that we can do well and focus on them this week. We are looking forward to Iowa State and we know they will be ready to play. It will be a big game for our kids -- no question.

On Bill Whittemore:

"Our medical staff has cleared him for participation and now its a matter of developing a full range of motion and if he can do that he will play this week. We will work him harder than we have and we will see how he does on the practice field. This will be his first substantial practice since his injury and if he continues to look sharp and feels good about things we will go with him Saturday. If not, we will have Adam Barmann ready to go."

On the importance of the upcoming game:

"We are not going to play it up too much or make a big deal about it. We won't do anything different in our routine. I will give my kids credit and they understand what this game means and we won't have to make a big deal about it -- they are going to know what the game means. Our kids are smart enough to understand it and I think they will take care of business."

On pride :

"We told them to look at the big picture. Although there were games where we were outmanned we still have to go out, fight and get better. It's a matter of personal pride to play well and any young man who have pride in himself and confidence in his ability will continue to fight and compete -- it's a matter of personal pride. It's the big picture -- we will take some lumps now and learn from these experiences and hopefully it will make us better in the future."

His thoughts about this team:

"If we stayed healthy, I thought we could be a bowl eligible team. I would have to say that my football team has more character and charisma than they had the summer before they got on the field."

On moving John Randle and Charles Gordon to defense:

"There are a lot of things that we have to weigh in the off-season and when we get to spring ball. We need to think about who else is developing at their positions in our program, so that we can recruit to those positions that will be able to play soon. We don't have all of the variables in the equation yet so it's hard to say. I'm going to put those young men in a position that they feel comfortable with and what helps our football team. We will just take it as it comes."

On Charles Gordon:

"I said to our coaches on the headset that it's all about character. Here's a kid who never had a tackling drill at the Division I level. He has never been in a live tackling drill and then he goes out and makes four tackles in a row. It's about character and it's about pride. John and Charles are young men with a bunch of pride. Everything they do they want to excel at. They don't accept mediocrity in any phase of their lives. They really want to do the best that they can in everything they do."

"I am really proud of those kids. I love their attitude and they way they approach the game and everything they do on the field -- it's a matter of pride." Top Stories