Game Day: Season Opener

Images and quotes from the win over UT Chattanooga. This marked the 31st victory in a home opener for Kansas.

Kansas coach Bill Self watches from in front of the bench during the second half of their game against UT Chattanooga. Freshman David Padgett scored a double double in this first game of the regular season. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

"I really thought after those first eight minutes or so, I thought we really locked them up. I thought our defense was great it was by far the best it has been over an extended period of time, even in practice. I thought it was really good and the guys were pretty alert. Even when you run poor offense, which we didn't at times tonight, we still scored 90 points because we were able to get out and run off our defense. There are a lot of things we have to improve on. I didn't like the fact that we tied them on the boards, of course a lot of that stuff came late." - Bill Self

Keith Langford picks up a loose ball during the first half. Langford scored 24 points in the game to lead the Jayhawks to a 90-76 win. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

"We weren't really that fluent in our offense. The last half of the first half, we got some defensive stops that got the run out a little bit. I think we hurt them on the boards. I think David did a good job rebounding and had some blocks. Wayne was on the boards. We just tried to wear them down. We knew they were going to be excited coming in and playing us. Before the game, we decided we were going to take their response to our run and roll with it." - Keith Langford

Keith Langford gets his hand on the ball while covering forward Chris Brown. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner) Top Stories