First Look: High Five

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High Five / by Brian Hanni

A smooth operator with a million dollar smile
A deadly sharp-shooter who goes the extra mile
A future sportscaster playing hoops for a while
Two blue chips, both on the rise
One stands tall, the other flies.

They are the high five of Kansas basketball. The 2003-2004 rookie class: Omar Wilkes, Jeremy Case, Nick Bahe, JR Giddens, and David Padgett.

Unforgettable / by Bill Woodard

This could be a story about remembering, about forgetting, about remembering how to forget. And now that you're thoroughly confused, this could be a good time to tell you that it is actually a story about Michael Lee. What we are remembering, just now, with Lee, is what could have been "The Shot" that instead became "The Block." And that is what's so difficult to forget - the coulds, the shoulds, the what-ifs.

Tales from the Bench / by Julie Jamison

It was his first media day, and Nick Bahe had a permanent grin etched on his face. Enthusiasm seeped out of him. A table away three more non-scholarship players were more reserved. They were accustomed to their jerseys and had been in these seats before. Their experience may have given them a better understanding of what was waiting on the other side of Late Night - endless hours of hard work with very little glory.

Randle Hard to Handle / by Chris Wristen

John Randle was like every other kid who grew up dreaming up running like Barry Sanders on the football field. The difference between Randle and the other kids, however, is that he has actually grown up to emulate Sanders' moves on the college football field. Despite seeing limited playing time, he ran for more than 500 yards as a backup to sophomore Clark Green. He earned those yards by juking and jiving, wiggling and shimmying his way through opposing defenses a la the legendary Sanders. It is exactly how he imagined doing it when he was little.

Raising the Bar / by Chris Wristen

Adam Barmann just wanted to go to a bowl game. That is why he had no problem removing his redshirt - which cost him a fifth year of eligibility - to quarterback the Jayhawks for the last few games of the season.

Letting Go / by Julie Jamison

Ten minutes earlier Bryant Nash was relaxed and messing around. He whispered to Michael Lee and leaned over to grab at his ankle as Lee tried to talk with one of the many media day reporters. Then it was his turn. As he became the interviewee and the questions focused on his senior year – his last chance - Nash was all business. His body language stiffened and he glanced down at the floor as he spoke.

Moving Forwards / by Julie Jamison

Two women, standing tall at 6'2 and 6'4. Both played high school ball less than one hour away from the Lawrence campus, one in Topeka and the other in Kansas City. Both are returning starters. Both led the team in scoring last season, tied at 10.9 points per game. One shot just over 50% and the other shot just under. They are Tamara Ransburg and Crystal Kemp.

This issue also includes Jayhawk Trivia, This Month in KU History, and football recruiting notes. Take look at the Kansas coaching heritage with Darby Ritter and read the debut musings of guest columnist Joel Mosher.

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