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Spotlight: Tangerine Bowl

<i>"Today is a day for our players -- they've earned the right to go to a bowl game and I'm awfully proud of them."</i> - Mark Mangino

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Bowl History

1995 Aloha Bowl - UCLA (W)
1992 Aloha Bowl - BYU (W)
1981 Hall of Fame Bowl - Miss. St. (L)
1975 Sun Bowl - Pittsburgh (L)
1973 Liberty Bowl - N.C. State (L)
1969 Orange Bowl - Penn State (L)
1961 Bluebonnet Bowl - Rice (W)
1948 Orange Bowl - Georgia Tech (L)

Press Conference Quotes

Mark Mangino:

"We appreciate the invitation and on behalf of all the players, coaches, support staff, administrators and the great fans at the University of Kansas, we accept the invitation and will be there to compete in the Tangerine Bowl. We are all looking forward to getting down there and having fun and playing a very good game. We're excited and looking forward to it."

On NC State/Bill Whittemore:

"I know that they feature one of the best quarterbacks in the nation in Phillip Rivers and have great tailbacks and receivers. They have some very athletic kids on defense and will be a tough opponent, and we're really looking forward to it. We also have a great guy who can wing it around, and it'll be his [Bill Whittemore's] chance to have the national audience as his stage."

On the team:

"Not just Bill, but all of our kids wanted to play in a bowl in the worst way, and this was our goal back in training camp -- they wanted to be a bowl team. So far they have fulfilled the dream and I'll very proud of our players."

"There are some people I want to thank. I didn't do this myself, in fact I'm just a small part of it. I want to thank our assistant coaches, support staff, all of our wonderful players who have worked so hard. We have asked a great deal of them and have raised the expectations and we won't settle for anything less."

Athletics Director Lew Perkins:

"We also want to thank the Mazda Tangerine Bowl representatives for following us the whole season. They have been with us from day one and shown great interest and we just couldn't be any happier with this partnership and I know the Big 12 feels the same way. We are really excited that we have the opportunity to represent the Big 12 and partner with the people in Orlando."

"Mark had talked to the kids earlier on before they left for holidays and we felt very comfortable that the kids wanted to go to this bowl game. There are a lot of factors involved, but really it is about the kids and the opportunity for those kids to play in warm weather, in such a prestigious bowl, on ESPN -- there are so many factors. Surprisingly, we have 8,000-10,000 alumni down in that area and we were excited about that. It was just something the kids and coaches really wanted to do and they had my total support."

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