Fan Voices: Bull's Take on TCU

From the Board, here's BullHawk's review of the Jayhawks' performance vs. TCU.

A win is a win.....especially a road win.

It wasn't always pretty, but it was finished.

Aaron Miles: Okay, I thought despite a spurt offensively at the start, that this wasn't one of Aaron's better games. He had some turnovers out front that we haven't seen yet this year. And, I didn't feel that he was quite up to par on the defensive end either. Don't take it as a personal attack on Aaron, it was just one of those games, IMO. We still needed him in there.

Wayne Simien: Again, this wasn't one of Wayne's better games, obviously. We didn't get him enough touches, but they were trying to keep the ball out of the post area. Wayne didn't get the good "seals" inside that he usually does.

Keith Langford: Another great second half performance. Obviously we would like to see it for the full game. We were fortunate to be hanging in the first half so Coach could keep him out with the two fouls. It was great to see Keith hit a couple of those perimeter shots! The one airball shot/pass was pretty obvious to me. There is o way he was going to pull up and shoot that far out - especially standing right in front of Coach.

J.R. Giddens: I thought JR played very under control last night. He took the shot when it was there, but he didn't force anything. He played good defense, and he was on the boards. The young man is definitely coming along.

David Padgett: I haven't read any of the board yet although I noticed a couple of the thread topics. David probably goofed up by playing so well the first game - some of us developed unrealistic expectations from that. He is still a freshman with now 3 games under his belt, he is still a "light weight" , and he is facing defenses that are focusing on keeping our big men away from the hole. I saw him get smacked in the face with elbows a couple of times. Yes, he needs to do better....but give it a chance. He is going to be a very good player for us.

Jeff Hawkins: Wow! Five of seven from downtown! Hope that gives him some confidence to carry over. It should. I have been just waiting, like the rest of you, for him to break loose. I was a little disappointed early on. I felt his defense really wasn't very good. Twice he had his free arm (left one) around the offensive player while reaching for the ball - he got called for the second one. But the offense more than made up for it. We've been discussing "blessings in disguise", and maybe the performances of our big men was just that - we won this one due to the "littles".

Jeff Graves: I thought Big Jeff did a good job. He was able to bang underneath, and he was hitting the boards pretty well. He made a couple of nice entry passes, albeit a little hard. Others need to be ready to catch them. I don't think we can tell him to lob them in. I would say he is still trying to apply the high/low concept by passing down from the top of the key. I cringed on the one play where he had no one to pass to so he turned and took a couple of dribbles towards the hole. I just don't like seeing him put the ball on the floor.

Bryant Nash: Some very valuable minutes and some good contributions. WTG, Bryant. I did notice early in the 2nd half when David made a mistake, Self took him out immediately and put Bryant in. It's not so much that Coach won't let them make mistakes because this was a continuation of some tough times last night for David. But, Bryant responded with some good defense, hit the boards well, and stayed within himself offensively. Both he and JHawk probably earned themselves some more minutes last night.

Jeremy Case: Jeremy is still struggling, IMO. But, he is a lot like JHawk. If he can hit a couple and get it going, then I think he will be fine. I thought his lack of offense affected some of his other play, too. He made a couple of turnovers and got beat defensively. He will be okay. Again, he doesn't have a lot of minutes under his belt, and he is constantly having to learn and adjust to the college game. Give him time.

Give Coach D. and the TCU players a lot of credit. They were fired up and ready to play. It's good to see him apparently turning that program around.

It's easy to take the negatives from this game. I'm going to try to focus on the positives and move onto the next game. Nobody said it was going to be easy........

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