We like being at the top

Coach Self on Wayne's shoulder, rankings, super sized Jayhawks, and change.

On Wayne Simien:

"His shoulder is fine. He's playing really well. He didn't get many touches last night and didn't put up numbers like he did the first two games. Against Michigan State he was probably the primary reason we played at a pretty high level."

On being ranked No. 1:

"I don't think anyone deserves the ranking but if someone is going to have it -- it might as well be us. I don't know if it's good or bad -- I don't really have any idea. I have never been ranked this high before. I see it as a positive. I hope getting the ranking happens more than once in our time here and I hope it happens quite often. I think it forces your guys to play with a bulls-eye on their back and makes them a little bit tougher. I don't know how long the ranking will last -- I hope it will last for a long time. We like being at the top."

On what has changed at KU:

"I don't know if there are many differences. I think we play a little bit different. I think you would probably have to ask the players instead of me. I think personalities may be a little different. I think sometimes when there is change you have to put your own stamp on some things and I think we have done that. We have done that in a variety of ways with material things such as changing the floor and lockerroom. We are big believers in editing and using it to help players. We just purchased a pretty elaborate editing system but it's a material item. You would probably have to ask the players to get a better idea of what has changed."

On the pressure of taking over a new program:

"I think I would rather take over a healthy program than one that is not. The perfect situation is to take a program that has been down where there are great players. Coach (Roy) Williams is in a situation like that because I think they definitely have talent at North Carolina. Coaches put pressure on themselves all of the time to perform at a high level. You want to make the transition as smooth as possible and get the guys to buy in as quickly as possible. When you are a new coach you need to experience success early -- especially when it's expected. There may be a little bit more pressure here than at most schools."

On scheduling "homecoming" games for players:

"At Illinois most of the guys on the team were either from Chicago or lived in state so almost all of our games were in their area. This is the first time I have coached a team where the majority of your guys are outside your area. Even at Tulsa, all of our guys were from Oklahoma so we didn't really have to schedule games outside of our normal scheduling to accommodate our players. I don't think last night's game was scheduled for that reason. I think it was great for Keith and obviously in the second half he played great. I think that was done primarily because of the relationship with Neil Dougherty and Coach Williams. Even though Keith didn't play in Fort Worth he was able to play in Dallas for two years at the Big 12 Tournament."

"I think it's a good thing to do and I think it's something you should do. We recruited Russell Robinson from New York and it will give us a chance to schedule a game for him on the east coast. We are playing in Anaheim which I think was scheduled for Omar Wilkes. I don't know if you have to go back as a freshman or sophomore. I think sometimes scheduling is done far in advance and you won't be able to accommodate players until they are juniors or seniors. It's something we will always continue."

On the changes made to the program:

"I can understand why people would have an opinion on our floor -- because it's so visible. It doesn't really go against the grain but it's different than what has been here over time. I don't really get hung up on stuff like that -- we aren't going to please everybody. We are just going to try and do what we think is best for our program and hopefully the majority will feel the same way. It's one of those things where I knew there would be opinions. It's amazing to me how much interest there is with everything that goes on here."

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