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Bill Self on Stanford, his coaching philosophies, and dealing with perimeter pressure.

On Stanford:

"I have not watched any Stanford tape yet. I am fairly familiar with the personnel and I hear that Josh Childress is not playing based on reports that my guys have seen. I haven't seen that yet so I don't know if that is exactly true. They are good and will always be good as long as Mike Montgomery is coaching there. They are big and we will play more of a conventional type team than the undersized teams that we have played. It will be more of a conventional type game."

"I think if you play man-to-man defense you want guys to play in areas where you are more comfortable defending. Forcing Wayne (Simien) to play perimeter defense will not help us in being quite as effective early in the season than we will later. When I talk about Stanford being conventional, I mean that their size is similar to ours. Up until being at Illinois we always played with undersized four-men and a lot of times when you play with undersized four-men it makes it a much harder match-up."

"I think it's always great to play tough competition. Even though it's a so-called neutral site game I doubt it will be one that is totally neutral. I think this is a good test and I think it will be a really good game. Based on where Kansas has been so successful recruiting over time we definitely need to have a presence on the west coast -- this gives us the opportunity to do so. I think it will be a great test for us -- a difficult one."

On the shooting at TCU:

"I think we have good shooters. I just don't think we have shot it well yet. J.R. Giddens is a good shooter too and had not shot the ball well up until the TCU game. We still haven't put it together. Jeff (Hawkins) was so important and so confident down in Fort Worth but David (Padgett) and Wayne (Simien) have to get touches. TCU's pressure kept that from happening and then we were impatient and probably shot the ball a little too early sometimes. We also need Keith (Langford) and Wayne (Simien) to play. We don't need those guys sitting down with 10 minutes to go in the half because we won't look as good -- our bench really bailed us out. Jeff (Hawkins) was great."

"Whenever you are open you are supposed to shoot the ball. You don't shoot it on the first side as often unless you are really hot so that you give the post guys a chance to work -- we didn't give our post guys a chance to work. Their pressure was our concern the whole time because with one primary handler out there we needed to find out if we could handle that pressure -- the answer was not very well. We didn't do a very good job with it during the first half at all."

On his coaching philosophies:

"It's not a steadfast rule that you sit a guy with two fouls. If you play a position where you have a lot of contact you might sit. You don't want to get two guys in foul trouble, so if things are going well I may sit a player for the rest of the half. I don't want two guys to pick up three fouls in the first half if they play similar positions. If Wayne (Simien) and Jeff (Graves) had two fouls I would maybe play one of those guys but not play the other one. You usually want to use the player that you won't need late in the game."

"We rolled the dice with Keith but we were up seven against Michigan State and 12 when things were going south for TCU. Wayne didn't play the last eight minutes and I wasn't going to put him in there as long as we had two guys in there that didn't have foul problems."

"I despise excuses. I have had teams complain about how tired they were and I said if you are so tired then we will practice twice tomorrow before a Big Ten game. The mind can convince the body to do just about anything. The mind convinces the body how it feels. I just feel like the game is so much more mental than physical."

"Every little things has some type of toughness spin to it. If you have a turnover -- how tough are you to get back or do you just think about the turnover. If you missed two shots -- are you tough enough to take the third one. Those are toughness things to me. Every shooting drill we do, players can't go get the ball with one hand and flip it back. If you ever go for a loose ball in a game with one hand then you will lose it. You just try to instill certain things. We are not a tough team yet -- we are getting tougher. We are not what I would consider a team full of pit-bulls but I think we are gaining."

On dealing with perimeter pressure:

"TCU took away the high post -- it was a good strategy. They fronted the post and when you front the post and don't get ball reversal there is no way a big guy can touch it -- it's impossible. You are playing five defenders against three offensive players on one side of the floor. You have to get the ball to the other side to get the big guys a chance to work. We didn't get the ball reversed -- we didn't do a good job. Our offense still isn't very good yet."

"Our big guys just have to be patient. David Padgett played fine but didn't get many scoring opportunities. I would say that when you look at all of our big guys combined they weren't very effective -- even the few times they were open. Our perimeter players didn't do a great job of getting the ball to them. We have an expression -- on time on target. We didn't do a good job of that at all -- we will get better at it. Our big guys can't get frustrated about that because it's going to happen some more. Perimeter players just have to understand that the ball needs to get from one side to the other."

On doing a better job of ball reversal: "Ball reversal is important to every coach in America. Some coaches may not think that it is as important as others but it depends on what your emphasis is. If your emphasis is to get the ball inside you have to have ball reversal because it allows the defense to break down. If your emphasis is to get perimeter jumps shots then maybe ball reversal isn't as important. Every coach will emphasize ball reversal their team."

"I would say that ball handling and passing will always be a concern of this team with the personnel we have out there. If you take away the high post and put the ball in someone's hands other than Aaron (Miles) then you have someone out there who really hasn't initiated much. It's something that we will all have to get better at."

On scoring inside and outside:

"I think the best teams are the ones who score different ways. One of the best things that came out of that game is that Wayne (Simien) and David (Padgett) combined for two field goals and we still scored 85 points -- that's a real positive. I'm excited about that. The best way to run offense is that you have to defend all five spots and in the first three games opposing defenses didn't really have to do that as much. At TCU we made them pay for leaving guys open and now teams will start respecting that and it will open more things. "

On the Kansas players focusing on being ranked No. 1:

"I would worry about it with some of them but a majority of them -- probably not. I think we have some pretty mature guys that have won a lot of games and dealt with the expectations and rankings. The young guys are the ones we should be most concerned with but I think David (Padgett) and J.R. (Giddens) have been grounded so far. We will do whatever we can to make them stay that way."

On calling Anaheim a neutral site:

"Based on the alumni we have out there, we will have a fair contingent there. Kentucky would like to see Kansas get knocked off because it elevates its ranking. I am sure UCLA is pulling for a team from the Pac-10. I don't think it will be a neutral court. We need to play in those environments."

On his relationship with Coach Wooden:

"We were the recipient of the John and Nellie Wooden Award when we were at Tulsa. I had a chance to go to the banquet where they honored Morgan Wooten, myself and (Kay) Yow. We spent a weekend with Coach Wooden. When I was coaching at Tulsa he used to come down and speak once a year. We had it set up where our staff would go over and visit with him whenever he came to town. I visited with him a few other times. He is a remarkable man -- the greatest coach the college game has known. Once you spend time with him you realize why people speak so high of him. He is everything everyone says he is."

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