Self on his players

Bill Self talks about Padgett, Giddens, and Miles.

On J.R. Giddens:

"He is learning an awful lot real fast. J.R. (Giddens) wants to be a player. He watches tape and spends a ton of time up in the office. He is starting to get it. There are some days I will ask the guys if we went too long or what time frames are they comfortable with. I asked J.R. if it was too much and he said, 'I don't have any idea. I have never experienced anything like this.' Everything is so fresh and new to him. He is really doing a great job."

"A lot of (his learning) is X's and O's but a lot of it is just getting a feel for how to pay attention and how to become a sponge."

On David Padgett:

"David (Padgett) is learning at an accelerated rate. All he has done is just slow down a bit. We, as coaches and fans and players, start looking at expectations of individuals. Then you start to expect certain things. I can tell you with freshmen you can expect every game to not be the best. There are going to be some moments where things don't fall your way. I think that is what he has gone through. He is doing things every player in America goes through. Every night you can turn on the TV and see a guy who has performed at a certain level and maybe that game or soon after that the level is not that high. It is just natural in learning to deal with that."

"David is going to keep getting better because he works so hard. In his eyes he hasn't seen development in the last 10 days. We (coaches) have. The bar was set so high for him, being a double-double guy. A guy that will get seven blocks a game or a guy that will score 15 points a game. There are going to be times where he has to figure out a time to help the team win without producing. He is just going through a phase and becoming more of a complete player, even though sometimes he doesn't think he is."

"We have to remind him we have no chance to be where we are without him. He does need to get more aggressive. There are times when you miss the same shot you make. Perimeter players don't get it to him at the same time they got it to him in the game before. Guards can control their stuff a lot easier than big guys can. Guards don't have to have anybody pass it to them to get a shot. Big guys have to have guys that can get the ball to them. Frustration can set in when Wayne (Simien), David (Padgett) or Jeff (Graves) or whoever don't get as many touches as they should because defenses are designed to stop them. I feel like David is doing fine and he will play right through this and continue to get better."

On Aaron Miles and the KU point guard position:

"Aaron (Miles) is playing too many minutes. I thought it was evident in the TCU game, he got tired and got a little sloppy. He is hard to take out though. Of all the guys on the team, he is the most difficult to take out. There is really not a true point guard to back him up. You can take a wing out and replace him with a wing. You take a big guy out and replace him with a big guy, but it is hard to take a point guard out -- a true point guard that I consider one of the best in America."

"We don't really have a true guy behind him, we have some combination guys. We have to have someone emerge. It may be Jeff (Hawkins) but he feels pretty comfortable off the ball as far as someone setting him up."

"We have to find somebody. Jeremy (Case) hasn't played like he is capable of playing. I wish Omar (Wilkes) was more of a point. Right now he (Omar) is more of a wing. The only other guy right now is Nick Bahe. Nick may get some minutes eventually -- I am not going to guarantee it. He is a very good post-feeder. That is something we have to address and get comfortable with. I just have so much confidence in Aaron (Miles)." Top Stories