Self: This will be a fun game

Just the quotes. Self on the upcoming Oregon match up and fond memories of Kemper.


On last night's win over Fort Hays State:

"I thought we were much crisper. We had better ball and body movement. We didn't make shots. We were 5-of-22 from the three-point line with two minutes left in the game. You never look great offensively if you don't make shots. The ball did move much better last night."

"We had some big guys with assists. David (Padgett) is a good fanner. Jeff (Graves) has some good passing skills. When Wayne (Simien) is in there the offense will always look better because he has a knack for putting the ball in the basket. I thought there were some good things last night. I think the last three days have been good for us."

"You are not going to play a perfect game. When you play that many people and you have 11 turnovers you can say we were a lot bigger -- that is true. Against Stanford they packed it in on us and we had 19. You still have to pass and catch it. We were much better in that regard. We made some bad decisions passing the ball to post last night. I don't know of a game I have ever coached where you don't have a few bad decisions when you are trying to get the ball inside."


On addressing shooting issues in practice:

"I think you have to address it and work through it. You spend extra time in the gym -- that is something we need to do. When you have limited time and you have so many things you have to work on -- sometimes shooting is the thing you tend to forget. It is just like free throw shooting. If you plan on practicing two hours then two hours becomes two hours and forty minutes, do you want to spend 20 minutes working on free throws and make it a three-hour day."

"I think you have to prioritize what is most important. We will get better shooting the basketball. As a coach, it is a good or bad shot when it leaves your hand not whether it goes in or not. As a fan and winning or losing, it is a good or bad shot if it goes in. I see things, as a coach, that may not be negative. I am not just going to get on guys about shooting, shooting, shooting. If they shoot shots we tell them to shoot and they miss it -- then it is the coach's fault. I believe you have to give guys freedom to shoot the ball. They have to understand what is a good shot for them. You have to coach around that knowing strengths and weaknesses. We are better shooters then what we shot it. It will prove out over time."


On playing Oregon:

"Perimeter defense is a huge concern because (Ian) Crosswhite can really shoot. He's only taken three so far this year but he can really shoot. Luke Jackson is a great shooter and he's going to play the four a lot -- we will have a four man guarding him. We will have to talk about some things and take some things away."

"We are going to have to do a good job of getting the shooters and it will be a very difficult challenge for our team from a matchup standpoint. I think it would be for anyone that plays with two conventional big guys. The way they play -- all five of their guys on the court can stretch the defense and make the three. David Padgett and Jeff Graves will be guarding a guy that's a great shooter and a good post player. They are really good and have a lot of weapons offensively."

"They will play some zone. It's not a conventional 2-3 zone -- it's more of a matchup. We worked hard and we will spend the next two days on working to attack their zone. They do play good matchup zone."

"I think it will be a very fast-paced game. They want to play fast and for whatever reason we haven't played as fast as we need to play. I think it will be an exciting game. I have a lot of respect for what they do. They are sound. They guard you and they can score. Teams that can score are always dangerous. They are good. They are a top-25 team, maybe top-20. They lost (Luke) Ridnour last year and everyone talks about what they lost. Look who they have back. They replaced Ridnour with (Aaron) Brooks who is arguably as quick as any guard in the country. This will be a fun game on Saturday."

On Oregon's Luke Jackson:

"He's terrific. He can score off the catch and off the bounce. He's big and is a great rebounder. He's a terrific shooter and is shooting around 55 percent from behind the arc so far this season. He's one of the premier players in America. We will have a game plan on who will guard him but one guy isn't going to check him all game A few guys will have to be ready to guard him."

On playing in Kemper Arena:

"I haven't been to Kemper since 1992-93. The last time I played there was in 1985. I haven't been there in a long while. I always liked Kemper. I thought it was a great venue. When the tournament was there we always looked forward to going there. I will be excited to get over there. It is not going to be a home court like Allen (Fieldhouse). I think there will be enough people there to be excited. It is an opportunity for people that can't come watch Kansas on a regular basis here -- they can come watch us there."

"I think in the Big 8 championship game I had two points and three rebounds. It was really good for me. That was a great, great game. I have fond memories of the place." Top Stories