2005: The Shooting Guards

Our series on any and every potential Kansas target continues with the wing guards.

C.J. Henry, 6-3 WG/PG, Putnam City (OK) High

If Henry -- whose father Carl played at Kansas -- were a cologne, there is no doubt that he would be "Obsession". Perhaps no other player has received so much notoriety with so little being known about him on a national level. Know this; he's been putting up monster numbers since his freshman year when he showed great promise as an athletic, versatile and sweet shooting combo guard who terrorized opponents from the wing.

The problem with evaluating C.J. is nobody has ever seen him play on the summer circuit. Still, that hasn't stopped those who have seen him play recently from declaring him one of the premier Oklahoma talents over the last few years and a top 25 type nationally. Of course, the other issue with Henry is his apparent baseball prowess as he is a superstar pitcher and shortstop. In fact, most close to the situation say that baseball is the more likely future while C.J. himself has been quoted as saying he would like to try both.

There is no doubt that Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Arkansas and several other schools are very interested in his services. The question remains. Will basketball will be a real option after high school? At least Henry is scheduled to make a few stops on the summer circuit this year so national scouts will finally get a chance to see how his game matches up against the best from around the country.

Josh Tabb, 6-4 WG/PG, Century (IL) High

Tabb was heavily recruited by the current Kansas staff while they were at Illinois. He is still in the stages of recovering from a broken wrist. When he is healthy, Tabb is a top shelf wing athlete capable of flying in for cloud piercing jams. He has deep - albeit very streaky -range and is a creative And1 type ball handler.

Playground abilities are nice, but he needs show that he can play under control and hit his jumper with more consistency. If he can do that he is a top 50 player and the Jayhawks, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Marquette and a host of other schools are likely to take their interest to another level. In other words, keep an eye on him because he might end up being compared to Dwyane Wade some day.

Calvin "C.J." Miles, 6-6 WG/WF, Dallas (TX) Skyline

Mark it down. Miles is a big time prospect and it wouldn't be a surprise if he emerges as the premier talent in Texas for the class of 2005. He's one of those kids who is solid in every phase of the game. He even does the little things like enter the ball into the post correctly. He's not ultra athletic, but he has some bounce to his game and just needs more exposure on a national level.

A school list is hard to get at this point, but don't be surprised if he shows up on the Kansas radar at some points. His play this winter has created a lot of buzz among coaches at high major schools from coast to coast and early word is that he would like to attend school in his general region.

Kevin Lisch, 6-3 WG, Belleville (IL) Althoff

One of the top 5-10 players in the talent rich state of Illinois, Lisch is a shooter deluxe. He handles well enough to play the point for stretches and comes from a family of top shelf athletes.

The way he strokes the rock from deep, he'll likely end up on the mid major plus to high major level. Kansas has been out to see him but he is a second tier type recruit and will have to show an ability to create more shots. As it is, schools like St. Louis, Notre Dame, Illinois and several other Big 12, Big 10 and conference USA programs are tracking him.

Wes Matthews, JR., 6-3 WG/PG, Madison (WI) Memorial

Matthews -- whose father was a basketball player at Wisconsin and played in the NBA -- didn't burst onto the national scene until the second half of last summer. In fact his play was so strong that scouting services have rated him as high as #13 in the junior class. While that ranking is likely a bit high, he is a potential top 50 kid with lots to offer. Matthews is a dangerous shooter from the perimeter who has good athleticism and the ability to play some PG for short stretches if needed.

Still, he is much more suited to playing on the wing full time and will only get better as he adds strength and gets more aggressive. As it stands, home state Wisconsin and Marquette have offered and with family ties the Badgers have to be considered the early favorites. Matthews has also indicated an interest in Kansas, Texas, UConn, Kentucky and some others although it is unclear how extensively some of those traditional powers will pursue him given the early odds he stays close to home.

Austin Jackson, 6-1 WG, Denton (TX) Ryan

If you want a big time athlete capable of aerial acrobatics, Jackson fits the bill. For such an athletic player, he actually plays under control and has a terrific mid range game and plenty of scoring tricks in his bag.

He's asked to play some PG from time to time but he's a natural wing who could end up a top 50-75 type nationally. However basketball is probably only his second strongest sport and he spends much of his summer dominating on the baseball field. Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia Tech have all expressed interest but Jackson will have to show a commitment to hoops before they get too involved.

Bobby Frasor, 6-3 WG, Chicago (IL) Brother Rice

Frasor is one of the top perimeter marksmen in the entire nation. If he gets a look from deep you can pretty much count in it going in. He's more dynamic off of the dribble than you might think and has an excellent mid range game as well.

At his size he needs to show more of an ability to play spot minutes at the point, which he hasn't so far, and must improve his lateral quickness. Kansas has been in to take a look along with Illinois and some others but right now he is more of a target for DePaul, Notre Dame, Marquette and Northwestern.

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