Bill Self: Big 12 Weekly Teleconference

Quotes from Monday's teleconference, including comments on the A&M game, rebounding and the team's toughness.

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self On The Big 12 Teleconference

On rebounding:
"We got beat on the glass the last two games. Kansas State did a good job of getting after us and A&M did as well. A&M pulled down a lot of long rebounds. Our blockouts are poor and we have been poor at tracking balls down -- we only rebound our area. It's certainly an area of concern and one we will address. We knew that this was an area of concern but obviously we haven't gotten good at what we need to be good at -- that will be something that we emphasize hard the rest of the year. We thought it was getting better but the last two games were poor. Going into the season I thought we would be a good rebounding team. I think that right now we aren't close to being a good rebounding team -- I do think there is potential for us to get better. Everybody has to rebound but our four and five men should be rebounding the ball better than they have. We did a pretty good job on the glass out in Boulder -- it will be a concern because they have a four man that is very quick and will chase balls down and they have a big load and they have big perimeter players -- Colorado is a team that can hurt us if we don't pay attention to it."

On forcing Texas A&M to shoot from the outside:
"Texas A&M took quite a few threes and we would thought they would take some threes -- that was not a game plan of ours. Of the 28 that they took I don't know how many were in the last five minutes when they were trying to come back -- I haven't put a number on that. They got off too many looks from behind the arc and some of them were pretty good looks -- our perimeter defense has to do a better job against that."

On NCAA ruling of reinstating Baylor players:
"I don't know any details on it. From what I gathered it was because of academic reasons. Who is an outsider to say what the situation is there academically. I would venture to guess that Baylor is dotting every I and crossing every T concerning all situations -- especially ones academic in nature. I am happy for the young men but I don't know enough about the situation to comment. I know that Colorado had a situation that was similar with Michel Morandais retaining his eligibility, which I think is great -- I think it had something to do with a degree change that got worked out. I can't even comment on the Baylor situation."

On how good of a team KU is and what needs to be worked on:
"I have a good feel of what we need to work on -- our rebounding. I think our first shot defense has been good and statistically it's been pretty sound all year. With transition you aren't going to run much if you don't get any rebounds -- we have to do a much better job in that area although we are starting to run better."

On the team being physically tough:
"I think this time of year you don't want to beat each other up. We have been pretty nicked up. The times where we can get the dummies out and beat them is great. This time of year you don't want to do certain things to risk injury. I think it's something that you have to emphasize. You can emphasize toughness in shooting drills -- whether or not you go after every rebound with two hands -- those are things that we feel are very important. We are not near as physically tough as what I would hope at this stage -- I do still think we can get there."

On playing a conference team twice in a short period of time:
"I never could understand it. In the Big 10 we opened the season with one team and the last game of the season was against the same team -- it isn't quite as dramatic. I know that there are many things they had to make adjustments for regarding television -- I don't know how that works. It seems strange to me that a team you see in late January after playing them already --you usually play them in late February. I would hope that in the future that is something that can be improved -- I just don't know if you are capable of doing that. Every league that I have been in you have similar situations -- unless you have travel partners like the Pac-10. "

"The scouting is easier the second time because the guys are familiar with it -- at least they should be. The disadvantages of playing a team the first game and then the last game is that you need to come up with two different scouting reports -- because things change so much. I really feel that an advantage or disadvantage is that if you have one guy hurt or if the opponent has one or two guys hurt -- you may play them when those guys are out twice. If we have one guy hurt and everyone on the other team is totally healthy -- they are going to catch you twice when you aren't at full speed. I never liked playing that close because one team could have an advantage over the other team because of human nature -- I never thought that was right." Top Stories