Meet Josh Thornton

24 points, six assists and seven boards a game get you excited? It should. Meet the combo guard prospect behind those numbers, and the long list of suitors for his services.

Josh Thornton has been all over.

The 6-1 combo guard currently calls Camden-Wyoming, DE home, but was born in New York and has spent two years living in Japan and six years in Germany. Now every Jayhawk fan wants to know if four years of life in Lawrence is in his near future.

Thornton comes from a military family, which explains why he's bounced all over the globe during his childhood.  The high school junior doesn't plan on any more big moves until college and for now, his decision on that destination is "wide open".

Thornton is currently considering "everybody" but says he specifically "likes" Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Notre Dame, NC State, UCLA, Duke, Texas, and Arkansas.  While he's hesitant to call any school a "leader", he did offer up a few schools that have really caught his eye.

"I guess you could say the schools I really like are Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Arkansas.  Right now I'd say I'm most familiar with Kansas, Tennessee and Arkansas."

Thornton's familiarity with KU comes mostly from an unofficial visit that he took in late December. 

"I enjoyed it a lot.  I liked the campus a lot and imagined how it great it must look in the spring time."

He was especially impressed with his trip to Allen Fieldhouse for the KU / Binghamton game.

"I loved the atmosphere for basketball, and I loved seeing all the fans.  There were just so many and I realize that the student body wasn't even there when I visited, and it was still packed."

The many fans that stayed well after the game also impressed Thornton.

"All these folks stayed after for autographs and it was real exciting to see their support.  It was my first time seeing a real D-1 college team play and all that goes with it and I just had a great time."   

Thornton also enjoyed his unofficial visit to Virginia Tech, but didn't leave feeling that it was the best fit for him.

"I liked the campus, but I don't think that's a place I'd go to."

Where this frequent traveler will go remains a mystery and so does Thornton's timetable for making a decision.

"I really have no idea right now to be honest with you.  I guess I'll decide when it comes to me.  I want to sit down with my parents and the people close to me and when it's the right time, I'll decide."

While he waits for that time to come, he'll keep on leading his Caeser Rodney High School basketball team.  Thornton currently averages 24 points, six assists and seven rebounds per game. 

What's more impressive is that he's posted those numbers while playing through a bruised knee.

"This year I've been struggling with a nagging injury so I'm not at the top of my game.  It knocked me off course.  I really shouldn't be playing but I wanted to play to help my team.  When I first bruised my knee they suggested I sit out, but I played through it and now it's okay."

With the injury now mostly behind him, Thornton can go back to doing what he does best – shooting the basketball.   He says it's definitely the strongest part of his game and he described his shooting range with one word: "Far".  So what makes this world-traveler such a sharp shooter?

"It comes easy to me.  It's just so easy."

Admittedly his defense could still use a little work though. 

"My defense can get better.  It can always get better."

When Thornton isn't scorching nets or working on his "D", he likes to go to movies or hang out and play games with his two older brothers.  The self-described "at home person" prefers an afternoon battling his bros in a little game of Madden 2004 to just about anything – except playing basketball.

Moving away to college won't be as difficult for this young man who has moved so much already.  So long as his next hometown has a hoop and court, Thornton will be more than happy. Top Stories