Green is Comfortable with Kansas

Running back and future Jayahwk Gary Green from San Antonio on his recent commitment to Kansas.

Future Jayhawk Gary Green will come to Kansas next fall to play football for Mark Mangino's squad.  Green who's from San Antonio has been moving up recruiting analysts charts since the season concluded.  He chose Kansas over some strong football schools including UCLA, Wisconsin, and Pittsburgh. recently sat down with the articulate Green to get to know the running back and defensive back better.  Here's some highlights from the conversation. "First off, how's it feel to be a Jayhawk, you made your verbal commitment over a week ago.  Have you had some time to let it sink in?  What's your excitement level?"

Green- "I'm getting more excited by the day.  I just can't wait to get up there, it feels great to be a Jayhawk.  I'm real confident with my decision right now, and I feel good about things." "We've heard you loved the town of Lawrence when you were here on your visit.  What about the town interested you so much?"

Green- "It's a college town.  Also, if you've got a big time program a lot of people will know you, which means you have support and a big fan base.  It will be nice not to live in a huge city where you don't really know many people.  It feels like home up there" (in Lawrence). When did your decision to wear the Crimson and Blue become complete?

Green- "I had to wait for my family to meet with Coach Mark Mangino, and for them to have a chance to ask him some questions.  That was pretty much the only thing I was waiting on.  After I left (Lawrence on my official visit) I had that feeling.  I was praying about it, and I went on my other visits that feeling never went away.  That's when I knew what I wanted to do." UCLA, Wisconsin, and Pittsburgh is an impressive list of schools, can you expand on why you went with KU?

Green- "I looked at some other schools also, but those are the ones I visited.  Honestly, they didn't compare (to Kansas)." You played running back and corner back in high school, do you have any preference in college?

Green- "My heart is at running back.  But, I did tell Coach Mangino that if it doesn't work there I can go play corner just as easy.  Whichever one I feel that I can excel at the most, and help the team the most is the one I will continue playing." How do you feel with playing both ways?  Kansas had some players last year in John Randle and Charles Gordon who logged significant duty on both sides of the ball.

Green- "I did that some this year.  As long as I'm feeling 100%, then I will go both ways.  I don't want to go out get fatigued and hurt the team, so if I feel good I will do it.  Whatever helps the team." Gary, what do you need to do the rest of this year to insure you will be ready to play next season at Kansas?

Green- "I need to make sure I'm ready.  Really, for my size I'm extremely strong and I have been lifting weights since seventh grade.  I'm 5'9" and I weigh about 170.  I really only want to weigh between 175 and 180 when I go up there (to Lawrence next fall) because I will gain weight once I get into the program.  I'm not really a power back, so I don't need to be too big." What's the ultimate goal for you Gary with your Kansas career and beyond?  Your dad Gary Green Sr. played for the Kansas Chiefs, do you see yourself playing on Sundays?

Green- "Yes I do, most definitely.  I wouldn't mind playing for the Chiefs either because the fans in Kansas seem great.  My goal as a running back is to prove to people that I'm not too small, (to be a successful running back) and that I can get the job done." Hey Gary, thanks for taking time.  Congratulations on your decision.  KU fans are looking forward to seeing you play as a Jayhawk.

Green- "Thank you." Top Stories