KU vs. Colorado: The Other Stuff

Long and off-topic.   You've been warned.

Mrs. Cheeser was responsible for Harrison's woes on Sunday.   More on that later.

We planned on going to the women's game against Mizzou on Saturday.   It seemed like they needed/deserved a good crowd for that game given the experience in Columbia.   We saw the weather forecast for Sunday, though, and had to wonder about all the driving back and forth to Lawrence.   Mrs. Cheeser spent a little time on the internet, and we were able to get the last room available at a hotel in Lawrence with underground parking for Saturday night.   We left home Saturday afternoon for the women's game, looking forward to a weekend of KU basketball!

The women's game was awful.   We got stomped.   I thought the offense was reasonably good, but we must have missed 10 shots within a foot of the basket.   At one point in the second half we got it down to a 6 point lead, then Mizzou just took control and we lost by, what, over 20?

Much different crowd for the women's game.   Rather large crowd – all of the stand were full up to the mid-level of AFH, except the extreme corners.   Good crowd noise, when given anything to cheer about.   "Second-team" band; had guitars, for goodness sake.   "Second-team" cheer squad, without the yell leaders (or whatever it is you call the male cheerleaders).   All in all, the crowd was ready to be supportive, but wasn't given much call to be, and didn't have the where-with-all or leadership to make a difference on its own.   Lot of kids.   Lots of kids running around.   Awful game.

Checked into the hotel.   It was very crowed.   There was some sort of photography convention going on and, significantly, it was where the Colorado team was staying.   We were unpacking in our room when the front desk asked Mrs. Cheeser to come back.   Forgot to ask her to sign something, I think. Anyway, that's when the fateful meeting with Harrison took place.

Mrs. Cheeser was walking down the long hallway to the front desk.   After entering the lobby area, she couldn't help but notice a man-mountain fighting an apparent losing battle with a candy machine.   Flashes of the recent Arizona game.   Harrison storms out of the vending area, ticked that the machine didn't give him his due.   He starts to turn toward Mrs. Cheeser, but sees someone behind him.   Harrison calls over his shoulder to "coach Airs" (sp?) detailing his candy-less plight.   He continued to walk one way, looking the other, and walks right into Mrs. Cheeser, despite her efforts to avoid the bulk.   He turns, catches her by her shoulders and very politely mumbles something Mrs. Cheeser took for an apology.   Mrs. Cheeser, still decked out in crimson and blue game gear, thanks him, and then without a pause, says "son, if you don't have any better moves than that, you're in for trouble tomorrow."   Harrison mumbles something, not like an apology.   Coach Airs nearly falls on the floor laughing and sputters "you're so right, ma'am."

Mrs. Cheeser was responsible for Harrison's woes on Sunday.  

Shortly thereafter, we strike out for dinner.   After leaving a couple of places with waits approaching an hour, we decide to try a restaurant we had driven by twice, Stone Creek.   Never heard of it, but we were getting quite hungry.   It was rather good.   We'll go back.

It was too darn cold and windy Saturday night to do much of anything after dinner.   We retired to our room, and hoped the Colorado team and the photographers were a quiet bunch.  

Sunday morning, and the news tried to scare us to death about the road conditions.    After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, we decide to brave it.   Climb into Mrs. Cheeser's new, completely un-iced-up SUV and head out of the parking garage expecting the worst.   Of course, it was no big deal by that time (about noon).   Drive to AFH without a hitch.   Park and make our way to our seats.   By the way, we watched the women's game from another place in AFH.   I have to admit, it was somewhat difficult for me.   The perspective was all wrong.   Back in my comfort zone now.

I see that 1:00 on Sunday is still a bit early for many students.   I don't really care, though, because the ones who showed up were really into the game.   I was especially pleased with the South side.   They seemed to have made a vast improvement over the last number of games in terms of noise, and distracting free throws, etc.   The stands, by game time were pretty full.   It was, as you might expect, a late arriving crowd.   Also, due to the time, many were trying to enjoy some of the fine lunch fare at the Fieldhouse before the game began.   After everyone claimed seats, the only noticeable "empties" from our vantage point, were the high up seats in the corners.

Colorado leaves before the National Anthem.   Slugs.   National Anthem handled well by a soprano.   Colors presented by the Army ROTC.  

Shannon still has a bit of a hitch in her giddy-up, but this is the second game sans crutches.   She is conservatively dressed in gray slacks and a black sweater.   VERY sensible black shoes.

I thought the crowd was great.   Loud both on offense and defense.   While many didn't know that Mrs. Cheeser already took Harrison out of the game, the crowd rode him unmercifully.   Mrs. Cheeser and I left the game hoarse.   Lots of standing.   Lots of pro-active cheering – not just reacting to something good happening on the court.   The corporately owned seats behind us and to our right were empty (LOVE having a "coat chair').   Interestingly, the folks behind us and to our right, you know, the ones who wear gold and black or UNC blue only, would not put their coats or purses on a chair in front of them if anything else was there.   Too good, apparently, to share a coat chair.   Weird.  

I think the cheerleaders have finally made up for an uneven start (and who could blame them, not having a coach early?).   They're tumbling more than squads in the past, and are very active.   There seems to be a cheerleader flying through the air at every time out.   They were wearing their new crimson and blue out fits, and looked great.  

The Dance Team f/k/a the Crimson Girls were busy as well.   They performed at half time in something other than teal and black.   I think it was red, although it looked a little orange in the harsh lights.   I couldn't see the performance very well as there were lots of people standing.   By the way, again likely because of the time of the game, there were people moving around throughout the game.   I'm glad we sit next to a tunnel so that no one needs to walk over us to get anywhere.

I don't know about you, but I needed a game like this.   A good, old-fashioned blow out.   Always felt we were in control.   I was proud of the crowd for staying into the game, and cheering long and hard.   The player chanted for was Omar.  

We waited for the crowd to clear before heading out.   Happily there was no ice build up on the car after the game.   Took it nice and easy getting out of town, and the traffic on K-10 seemed content to stay at or a little below the posted speed limit.   Enjoyed the new SUV's capabilities once getting off the highway.   Made it up our cul-de-sac and our driveway.   Unpacked the trunk, closed the door, and "caved" for the rest of the day.  

Next home game against Missouri.   CAN'T WAIT!

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