Mompremier says "Yes" to Kansas

After a visit to Kansas over the weekend, linebacker Brouce Mompremier has chosen Kansas as where he wants to play college football. This commitment is a huge pickup for Coach Mark Mangino's developing recruiting class.

Brouce Mompremier is coming to Kansas and is fired up to play in one of the best conferences in college football.

"It's Big 12 football," said the soft-spoken Miami Edison High School linebacker, when asked why he picked the Jayhawks.

It appears the fact that Kansas is a program on the rise in the heart of Big 12 country sealed the deal for Mompremier.  The 6-0 205 LB had initially verballed to South Florida, but after visiting Lawrence last weekend, Mompremier had a change of heart.

"KU and South Florida were quick turnaround programs and both of them are up and comers, but with KU being in the Big 12, I liked them."

KU's conference affilliation outweighed having to move half-way across the country.

"It's far away from home, but everybody has to leave sometime."

While Miami, FL and Lawrence, KS definitely have their differences, Mompremier doesn't think he'll have trouble adjusting to life in Kansas based on what he saw last weekend.

"It's a great place, I was surprised.  I thought it would me more country, more of a farm type town."

Instead of silos and pig-pens, Mompremier found a great university and plenty of friendly faces in Lawrence.  He was especially impressed with his future teammates.

"They're a bunch of good guys that make you feel at home."

Mompremier thinks he'll fit in just fine, both on the field and in the classroom.

"I played middle linebacker in high school, but I think I'll be more of an outside linebacker in college.  I'm looking forward to playing with these guys.

I'm looking to play (at KU) and get recognized and maybe make it to the NFL. If not, I'll at least get my degree."

Mompremier plans to study Criminal Justice at KU with a specific focus on crime scene investigation. For now it looks like KU's Memorial Stadium will be the scene of Mompremier future football offenses -- which should include inflicting pain on some of the best running backs the Big 12 has to offer. Top Stories