Martin Miller: "Go Panthers!"

It's less than 72 hours before signing day and Martin Miller is still undecided about his future.  The only thing he knows for sure is that he wants the Carolina Panthers to win today's Super Bowl.

“I’ve been a diehard Panthers fan ever since they came into the league.  I’m pulling hard for them today.

Meanwhile, Kansas fans are pulling hard for Martin Miller to help bolster KU’s defensive line, but an offer from Colorado State could stand in the way.

“It’s still those two. Colorado State has been there from the beginning, and KU just jumped on late. I like KU, I’m leaning toward Kansas, but am I doing the right thing since Colorado State has been there since day one?”

Miller, a 6-3, 270 lb. defensive lineman from Moorpark College, was in town a week ago visiting Kansas.  He liked a lot of what he saw, especially the campus.

“I liked the campus, it’s big and beautiful.  Both campuses are like everything I’ve dreamed.  I grew up watching (the movie) “The Program” and when I arrived it was like, ‘Boom, I’m about to be in “The Program”.’ 

KU’s campus is a little bigger.  I liked it, and the weight room and everything.  Plus the players were really cool.”

Miller was also impressed with the fans at Allen Fieldhouse.

“When we walked in, me and some of the other recruits and the coaches were getting high fives.  People were talking about the future of KU football.  It was really cool.”

Miller also noticed the way fans jumped on Colorado center David Harrison when he got into foul trouble and came out of the game.

“Those fans are mean.  I felt sorry for him. They took him out of his game.”

Miller later admitted that he wouldn’t mind having intense fans like the ones at Allen Fieldhouse on his side when he makes the jump to Division 1 football next year.

The campus, the fans, the coaches and players all made Miller’s visit to Kansas one he’ll never forget.  A week later though, he still remains torn over his upcoming decision.

“This could come down to the wire.  I’m just going sit here and hope I figure this thing out.  My mom has told me to pray about it and I think that’s what I need to do.

You all don’t understand how hard this process really is, even getting down to two is tough.”

There’s no doubt that Miller has plenty of thinking to do over the next couple of days, but on Sunday night he’ll take a break from the madness and focus on the game he’s been waiting almost a decade for:  Carolina’s first Super Bowl appearance.

“I know what I want to tell the fans in Kansas, Go Panthers!” Top Stories