Self: None Any Bigger

Coach Bill Self speaks about tonight's border war match up. Read his comments from the Big 12 teleconference held earlier today.

"There are a lot of big games on the schedule but none any bigger than this one -- except for postseason play. I know it's huge for our fans.

I understand the rivalry with Mizzou, having been here one year and playing them the last three at Illinois -- that's a good rivalry as well. I know the intensity level will be up there tonight. If it's usually a seven, it will be a 10 tonight.

I know that you can throw out records and everything else tonight -- there will be a lot of guys out there making plays. We have unbelievable respect for their team and their talent level because obviously they are very good and much better than their record shows.

We better guard well and rebound well so they don't get into rhythm and get a lot of easy looks. They can make hard shots but I know for sure they can make easy ones." Top Stories