Martin Miller Picks SDSU

Kansas football coaches were surprised when Martin Miller chose San Diego State as where he wanted to play college football. More on Miller's decision inside.

Martin Miller shocked both Kansas and Colorado State on signing day by picking a school he has never officially visited.  "I decided to go with San Diego State today."

Miller told the Insiders late Tuesday night that he was choosing between KU and the Rams.

When the 270 pound defensive end was asked why the sudden change of heart he explained.  "I woke up this morning and felt real good about San Diego State."

The Aztec's are closer to where he grew up, and Miller has attended Moorpark Junior College in California the past couple of years.  "I decided that I wanted to stay on the West coast.  It's close to home, and I can be close to my mom."

When asked how the Kansas coaches reacted to Miller's decision, the J.C. transfer was vague. "I don't want to get into that."  However, Miller hinted that the coaching staff at KU was upset they lost him to San Diego State. Top Stories