Thornton: Too Much Time on His Hands

Delaware guard Josh Thornton is trying to narrow his list during the downtime he's got while he rehabs his knee. The latest on his knee and "the list" inside.

Thanks to a banged up right knee, Josh Thornton has recently had some extra time on his hands.  The 6-1 guard from Camden-Wyoming, DE has sat out the last five games and probably won't rejoin his Caesar Rodney High School team until the start of the postseason. So far, the time off has helped his knee considerably, but Thornton says he still has a ways to go.

"It's doing better.  I've been going through physical therapy, and I've been giving it some healing time.  I went to the doctor about a week ago and they said I'll probably be out for another week and half."

Sitting out the last five games has not been easy for Thornton, but he's taking a mature attitude towards the time off.

"It's hard sitting on the sidelines, when you're used to being out there.  I know this is best for my health though, and I need to do it so I can be playing at my best later on.  It's far better to rest now, rather than risking more damage."

While resting his injured knee, Thornton has had a little more time to think about his college future.  The junior guard says he's currently lining up a list of schools to officially visit.

"I'm trying to narrow down the visits that I'm going to take.  That's what I'm doing now."

So who is on that list, Josh?

"Right now I couldn't tell you.  I'm still in the process of doing some research.  I'd say in a few more weeks I'll have a better idea of where all I want to go."

While Thornton can't currently name the schools on his official visits list, he will reel off the schools he's still interested in.

"The schools I like are still basically the same.  They are Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Miami, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Arkansas and Florida."

The trimming down of that list sounds like it will come soon, but right now Thornton's return to the court is weighing heaviest on his mind.  The four-star prospect was averaging 23 points per game for Caesar Rodney High, before being sidelined by his right knee. Top Stories