Self: Transfer that energy

Just the quotes. More from Bill Self on his team.

On looking at records and facts:

"If you look at records and facts-those are things that are true. You can break anything down statistically to support your story-there is no question about that. We have lost four games in a row on the road in conference play. We played two good teams on the road in Oklahoma State and Texas. When Nebraska is on they are as good as anybody in the league. We caught Iowa State on a good day. Sometimes you can play and just not be good enough that day. Sometimes you can go play and no matter what you do the other team made shots and you didn't. These things happen. The second halfs against Iowa State and Nebraska were disappointing. The first half against Oklahoma State was disappointing but sometimes those happen. I read somewhere after our loss to Nebraska that we had the worst back-to-back losses since a certain date going back to 1906. I want to know how you compile that. I'm sure that did occur but when you start comparing how much we lost by, you need to know why we lost by that amount-those things are irrelevant. When you get beat, you get beat-I can deal with that."

On OU's Andrew Lavender:

"He's fun to watch. I was watching him through the summer. I was really enamored with him because he is so much fun to watch. He has poise and never changes his body language or his expression-he is just thinking about the next play all of the time. I think that's the thing that impresses me the most about him as a true freshman."

On converting energy from the home to the road:

"I watched the tape and I thought we played really hard against Texas. I thought we sustained the effort for about 35 minutes. The game got away from us in the last five minutes. We missed a lot of shots that you have to make on the road and had some breakdowns but you usually will have that. I thought we did better against Texas. The problem was that Texas is a good team and they are really deep. Sometimes better is not good enough and that was certainly the case on Monday. I think we can transfer that energy. People talk about the road and the road has been tough for a lot of people. There is usually less margin for error on the road. We let the Iowa State game get away from us and we got whipped the next two places. Texas was better than us on Monday so we have to do much better when we go to Columbia."

On defense:

"I think when you score better, you play better defense. Our defense against Texas did not do a great job by any means. They can score from all five spots. Individually we are not great defensively and we need to be a great team defensively. We had way too many breakdowns on defense. We rebounded better and did some other things better than we had been doing."

On the bench:

"We have good guys on the bench but certainly there has been a drop off when you go to it. That is not a reason of why we have lost. I think that everybody is contributing to it when we don't play well. Our bench hasn't been as consistent or good over time as we had hoped it would. That doesn't mean that it can't be. We need Mike Lee to get in there and make some shots and do some things. Jeff (Graves) has to be a positive force for us. You can go seven and then fill in after that. We really need six and seven playing well for us. Those are the seven and then we will go by situation or how practice goes."

On the rotation:

"I think playing Monday-Saturday is enough time off -- it's probably a good time. We just came off playing two of our best games of the year and then laid an egg in Stillwater. I am not trying to make excuses for Monday, but this is not a good Saturday-Monday team for health reasons. When you play and then practice on Sunday and have key players who couldn't practice the day before a game, it's not good. I do think this is a team that is better when it has multiple days to prepare. It would be a concern for the tournament."

On Christian Moody:

"He's doing fine. You can't expect him to come in and get eight points and five rebounds in 10 minutes each and every night. He has had some flashes where he has done well and the other night he did fine. It is different for Christian. It's a big jump from what he's been expecting to what we are expecting him to do now. I think he is handled it pretty well."

On Mike Lee's shooting:

"He's probably trying a little too hard. I would say that's what happens when you are a great kid and a tough kid like Michael. When things aren't going well you are probably trying a little too hard and he hasn't made shots like he has in the past, that is for sure. He is still a good shooter. He didn't go from being a good shooter to a bad shooter, he just hasn't shot it well. He has had some big games for us. His first game back against Kansas State he was huge. We need to get him so that he is getting his production close to double figures or between the six and 10 point range every night."

On the new experience:

"My first year at Tulsa was not a good year. Other than that it has been pretty smooth sailing. You get spoiled sometimes because you haven't had to go through a lot. I have enjoyed coaching this year, I enjoy the guys but I haven't enjoyed the results as much as what I would have hoped. I think that all goes with it. As coaches, we have to know what we have to do, we know what we have and the abilities what we have-strengths and weaknesses and things like that. I could really care less about how people judge the job that we are doing because people aren't here everyday. What I do care about is about us playing so that we have the best chance night in and night out to be as good as we can be. I don't think we have done that consistently. With the position comes heat, stress and all of the other things. We made the decision to come to Kansas and when you come to Kansas you are going to experience things like that. I don't know much with all of Roy's (Williams) success and everything. When Nick Collison, Kirk Hinrich and Drew Gooden were freshman they were an eight seed and when they were sophomores they were a four seed. I bet there were some people that thought Roy (Williams) wasn't doing as good of a job back then. We are what we are and we can't get back seven losses. We have to get better and move forward. I believe we will. If people want to point fingers, they should point them at the coach. I'd much rather them be pointing at me than at the players." Top Stories