High Expectations

Perhaps no month means as much to KU fans as March. Everyone knows that come March, we have high expectations. We expect a lot of our basketball team. As the publishers of Jayhawk Illustrated, we assume readers will have similar standards for their Kansas magazine as well.

When the publishers of Phog.net launched Jayhawk Illustrated last August, we understood that KU fans might give us a chance to get our feet wet, but come March the honeymoon would be over. With those high expectations in mind, we bring you our March preview issue of Jayhawk Illustrated.

Knowing Kansas fans have a voracious appetite for sports this time of year, we expanded this issue to 80 pages. Naturally, there's plenty of basketball coverage.

Bill Woodard starts the march into madness urging readers to immerse themselves in Zen and the Art of Bracketology and advocates for the declaration of a national holiday. The columnist finishes us off with his musings on just what Aaron Miles means to this team.

Julie Jamison follows the freshmen with features of David Padgett and JR Giddens. Tom Hedrick reminisces about the six -- that's right, six – heartbreaking near-title losses he witnessed and Woodard flashes back to the 1988 tournament championship. There is commentary from Joel Cox on the excitement and possibilities of tournament time. Brian Hanni interviews Coach Norm Roberts while Bill Self is all over this issue. The women are represented as well, with features on guard Erika Hallman and acting head coach Lynette Woodard.

But hey, Kansas sports are more than just basketball.

March means a new recruiting class for Coach Mangino. Check out our breakdown on who will be joining the Jayhawks next fall, and what impact this class will have on Coach Mangino's continual rebuilding of the football program.

Remember, it is Spring, so catch up with the Coach Price and the Jayhawk baseball team. Brian Ramsey talks to Coach Price about expectations for the season while Chris Wristen takes a look at the hitting lineup.

In addition, follow fan Steve Nichols as he sits in on a Coach Price practice and comes away itching for the first home game at Hoglund. Softball debuts on a new field this year, Arrocha Ballpark.

It is the time of year that fans say a final farewell to seniors, swimmers to ballers. Jayhawk Illustrated also looks at the "Feather the Flock" campaign and celebrates the 11 million dollars headed into KUAC. As always you can find Jayhawk Trivia, This Month in History, and the Jayhawk Illustrated Wall of Fame. To be painfully trite, you'll find all of this and more in this month's issue.

Each and every day, the student-athletes we faithfully follow wake up knowing that the fans expect much out of them. We expect them to perform on the court or field and, of course, in the classroom. We expect them to represent themselves as good sportsmen and sportswomen.

As such, the publishers of Jayhawk Illustrated understand our subscribers have similar expectations of us. Our growth has been phenomenal for the past six months. We have been fortunate enough to double our subscriptions in a short period of time, but we know we are only as good as our latest issue. We know that we have areas to strengthen and continually strive for improvement.

We will distribute 7,000 complimentary issues this month through mailings and at the Big 12 Tournament. But the only way to ensure you receive the March preview issue is to subscribe by March 5th.

You can order Jayhawk Illustrated online or call 1-888-501-5752.

We invite readers to let us know what they think by emailing staff@phog.net or sending mail to:

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We will continue to strive to be the independent voice of KU sports, while supporting the greater mission of the KU Athletic Department, the Williams Fund, and the KU Alumni Association.

Jayhawk fans have high expectations. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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